Titans are too OP in Small Gang PVP

I’m a longtime fan of Eve and really enjoy small scale PVP because of the rush it brings me. What frustrates me with the current state of the game is how easy it is for other players to bring capitals into the equation. While I understand that capital ships are essential part of siege warfare and large fleet engagement, lately it seems like people are bringing them to small fights more and more frequently.

It’s getting to the point of being intolerable because once on-grid there’s very little that can be done about it.

For example: My most recent loss.

I engaged a saber and svipul in my vagabond. Saber bubbled up and lit a cyno. I killed saber while svipul ran away, but I still had to clear the bubble. By the time I was clear, there were 2 titans on grid with Sirens and webbing fighters tackling me. I can’t run, I can’t warp and needless to say I died. The entire engagement took about 1 minute to play out.

I don’t mind loosing ships, I play this game for fun and it’s part of it, but what frustrates me is that there’s no real counter to being dropped the way that I did.

I have a few ideas for how this can be resolved:
-Maybe there could be some sort of ECM burst ~40km from the cyno that breaks lock on all targets. That way there’s a chance for grid to “reset”.
-Maybe sirens shouldn’t be able to tackle sub-caps.
-Maybe there should be some sort of re calibration timer on capitals before they could target sub-cap ships once they’ve been cyno’d in.

What does the rest of community think? What do pilots that engage in this kind of drops think? Do capitals and titans have a place in small gang PVP?

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I think one of the issues, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it costs the same to jump a titan as it does to jump a carrier which doesn’t make sense. Can anyone confirm that this is still the case? And that I’m not the only one that thinks it’s crazy.

Maybe people would think twice about dropping titans on every little thing if it cost more.

There actually going to drop the cooldown on jumping to 7 minutes soon ™
With a mac delay of 30 minutes.
Fatigue is going to be 5 hours

So it will probably get a lot worst

See, people say high sec bears are risk adverse…seems nobody wants to lose, it’s like using a battleship for lvl 1 missions, carebears aren’t the only one’s that the finger should point to, but nobody will admit it because they don’t want to be put on the same shelf.

Your not wrong, people in nullsec are just as carebear as those in highsec. People in lowsec get my respect, and people in WH space get all the respect, even I don’t want to live in WH space, it stresses you out eventually.


If it wasn’t 2 titans it woulda been 2 black ops battleships, or 8 stealth bombers, or 1 arazu and three marshals. You wer still dead.
Edit: There sure was a counter. Drop 3 titans on them. At least now you know they will use the titans. Seems time for you to setup a trap.

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Dropping carriers or titans on a single cruiser or even Marauder is Carebear.

This is progressive thinking

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That whole first part is all about you and what you like.

Did you stop to consider that what other players like is to use their capitals?

So why do your preferences matter more than theirs?

They don’t. They don’t matter any less either. It’s not down to whining about capitals on the forum. Go deal with it. Roam places where capitals aren’t often dropped on small gangs.

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