Dread Ratting Efficiency?

I have started ratting with a dreadnought recently with a few pals, and im making about 1bil-1.3bil/hr with my one dread. Im in a C5 and I operate the capital gun fitted dread while a friend multiboxes 2 HAW fit dreads. We are not very efficient so I thought we could try to get someone else in a cap fit dread. I would like to wipe the site in 2 cycles. So I have some questions.

A: How to we max out our efficiency without going with t2 guns and siege? we are both training for subcap skills.

B: How much isk/hr are you guys making?

C: what is the most efficient way to make money with dreads in high class space?

Main question would be what dread are you using.

Also if your not using a revelation your doing it wrong, reason is due to lasers not needing ammo decreasing isk needed per site.

Are you serious lol ammo is less than peanuts when you’re doing billions an hour…


Well it’s more than cost, it’s that the revelation is considered to be the better choice. You want to min/max right??? Then you got to factor cost. Remember you ether hual it or build it…

Revelation is the best choice due to it’s tank bonus and that lasers not only track well but with instantaneous switching of ammo there is no delay in DPS unlike any of the other dreads. Also with muilt, UV, and radio you can hit at almost any range
Tbh you can do C5 sites with one dread, you just need to carry both haw and anti cap guns with you.

And really??? I hope your aren’t using 3 dreads per site, I mean at that point you might as well use rr rattlesnake.

Pfffff and you are getting on my case about ammo cost.

In all seriousness. 1 dread per site. Use a revelation
Phoenix, anti subcap reload and cap application are bad
Moros, guns are cap hungry (need to tank bro)
Nagafar, no tank bonus

I mean do whatever you want, your making “billions per hour”

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I don’t do wormhole stuff I was just laughing at the cost for xl ammo being factored into profit. I have no opinion on the matter regarding which dread is best.

Oh man, I just realized that your not the op. I’m sorry for going off like that.

Edit: @zander_exvirus what dread/dreads are you using???

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I am operating a dread while others are operating nags.

Nagafars and some other dread. Ok well your suboptimal on dread choice

check my channel for vids https://www.youtube.com/user/MrKnightAnime/videos?view_as=subscriber 3.5b/hour easy

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Yeah good channel. I cant play much and I mostly focus on PVP, so I dread ratt and make 6bil/month. So I have a bit trouble Having enough to multibox let alone train a character. I have 2 accounts, and both are training for more important pvp things, so between lack of isk and lack of time I cant really multibox. Is solo ratting ever worth it?

Roughly how much isk you can make


when you run the sites with 3 dreads like you say, you will quickly learn how to opitmize based on how long its taking you. ammo is like nothing in cost once you have gotten the hang of it.

basic site running video

Thanks. So am I going to kill everything execpt for the cruisers and wait for it to despawn and then loot?

This guy ran it solo but ran out of stront.

Yeah that isnt very efficient compared to ratting with others.

So is it possible to warp into the site with 3 dreads with all cap guns, then constant smartbomb and kill all of the battleships and then warp off and wait for the site to respawn to go get loot? The cruisers take a ling time because they are hard to track.

I also think about dread ratting in WH, but it sounds tedious and the risk is JUSTTTTTTTTTTT

personally, I clear the sites and spawn the drifter with tinker’snakes then come back later with a dread and tackle frigate to kill the drifters.

When you consider that you make 1-3 billion a hour and you can replace your dread in 2 sites, then you will consider it more. I do not recommend being a nullsec guy and coming into a WH to ratt. You will get wiped.

How much better is C6 space then C5?

Much better @zander_exvirus :wink:

But in all seriousness after running sites a couple times with 3 nags; you can do cores in 3 cycles easyyyyyyyy and potentially (very hard to pull off though) 2 cycle them if you are god tier at ratting; citadels you can blitz in two cycles.

So after running 8 cores and 2 citadels; as well as the salvage from everything; I make like 2.5 bill or something like that for about four hours or 4.5 worth of work (bookmarking; running the sites; rolling holes; salvaging; etc)

See ya on discord!!!