C6 Dreadnought Ratting Method?

So I got on SISI yesterday to test dread ratting solo in a C6 site. This is the 3rd day in the row I theory crafted with the dread ratting, and I have not got it down.

Thats the video of me doing it yesterday. I can tank the site fine, unless I over-spawn and then I die. I am trying to kill the ratts with traversal like some youtube videos, but I cant seem to hit them. I am going to try the not as efficient way like how I did it in C5, and switch back and forth between cap and haw guns. Anyone Have any ideas what Im doing wrong? Right now I am averaging 700-900mil/hr but I want to push it up into 1 billion+.

P.S. On some of the runs I forget to bring some essential modules and end up dying, because I did not take down the avengers first.

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I didn’t check your video, buy don’t go back to your fort. Just bring a mobile Depot (or another dread) and refit according to the situation you are in.

Cap gun with tank when landing, pop the avengers, then switch to subcap guns. If tank is enough, you can fit more tracking, grappler, etc…
Refit to cap gun + heavy point for the drifter (double faction web + grappler increase a looot your effective DPS)
Have a set of cargo expander to be able to retrieve you remaining guns as they are unpackaged.
We often have tractor beam as utility when we land in case we drift away from the mobile Depot.

Just go back to the fort to repack your guns, refit for the next site.

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