Revelation killing fast moving frigs - How?

Hello all,

I noticed the revelation doesn’t have a drone bay. With dual giga pulse IIs, can the rev track well enough to kill fast moving PvP frigs and drones?

Or how does it do it? Smart bombs for drones and ignore frigs?




I think you’ll find this to be the case for all Dreadnaughts, they don’t have drone bays. They’re not meant to shoot frigates & drones, that’s what the supporting sub-cap fleet is for.



how does the deathstar hit X-wings in Star wars?
it does not


There is a HAW (High Angle Weapon) “gun” for each weapon type. HAW Dreads can apply (ish) to subcaps if they fit webs, neuts, grapplers, tracking computers etc. Their overall dps is way lower than a normal dread, but they can actually apply that damage to subcaps.

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Thanks a ton. Do you happen to know what the HAW is for he revelation?

I want to use it for ratting

I don’t personally use caps so I don’t know. If you look it up in game you can find it.

Quad Mega Pulse Lasers

This is for solo dreads, mainly ratting.

Use a marauder then. You’re not going to hit frigates even with a haw weapon.

Not sure if serious?

I think you should ask in your corp/alliance regarding your ideas. There isn’t anywhere I’m aware of where solo dread ratting is effective, be it isk/time/etc it’s just not worth it.

In a WH you won’t be able to solo the C5/C6 sites and if you’re looking to run lower tier sites you’re better off in something smaller (BS/BC). If you’re in Null you’re better off with a carrier (super if you’ve got isk to spare), or (again) something smaller (BS/BC/HAC).


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Thank you for your input.

I see dreads solo’ing C5 core garrisons/strongholds… that what I was planning.

Why wouldn’t it be possible do ya think?

A Marauder can solo core garrisons but a dreadnought cannot?

Thing is, HAWs can only hit cruisers at most, and that would require sacrificing some mids/lows for webs, tracking enhancers/computers and grapplers. The only way to destroy frigates and destroyers in a dread is to use smartbombs/have a support fleet of [insert crowd control ship name here]

Uh that isn’t exactly true:

In that vid Lasker takes on a T3D gang and kills a bunch of them. No support.


Key takeaway from this video being: web, grappler, neut & tracking computer.

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You should have posted this thread in the PVE gameplay center or w-space section for asking ratting method.

It’s possible to run C5/6 combat anomalies with single revelation.
High Angular Weapons provides ( HAW ) much better tracking than Anti Capital Guns ( Capguns ) and less DPS. ( Theoretical DPS in Amarr Dreadnought level 5 with Capgun : 13000 DPS ~, wich HAW : 2000 DPS ~ )
FIY, You use capital pulse lasers for wormhole PVE Revelations. The series of dual giga pulse lasers are anti-capital guns and quad mega pulse lasers are HAWs.

Having said that, however, HAWs’ turret tracking is inferior to even large close range turrets.


Therefore you have to kill targets’ angular velocities, increase their signature radius and improve your own turret tracking to hit them. Stasis grapplers, Stasis Webifiers, Target Painters, Tracking Computers, Tracking Enhancers and the Drop boosters series are suggested solutions.
Smartbombs can be a solution as well though, it is feasible only in systems with Red Giant effect. ( which has 86 ~ 100% smartbombs damage bonus )

BTW You can check the Revelations Farming method guides from the link below.

Back in the days even before HAWs were introduced I used a tricked out Moros fit against a small fleet of stealth bombers on SISI and killed them all easily even with transversal - would have been pretty screwed with that fit vs another capital though hah. Only ever been involved in capital scale encounters or T3s/faction BS + capitals on the live server when flying a dread though.

How? Easy. CCP completely broke the balance and so now you have HAW dreads that eat cruisers.

But… it does though. It was covered in AA batteries.

It don’t. what ruined attack was fighter cover. It was quite clearly mentioned in movie that AA batteries are to big and track to slow to hit small and nimble targets like X-wing