EEEEEEEEEE 6-highslot dreadnoughts!

Nag Fleet and Rev Navy have 6 highs, and this is huge for a few reasons.
(but please give these ships tracking bonuses, especially the rev)
SOLO Dreads can come back!

One game-changing reason per slot:

  1. Neuts are basically mandatory on solo HAW dreads, and since the other modules are pretty much limited to siege + triple guns, there was no opportunity for smartbombs.

  2. A large smartbomb will not kill an interceptor, let alone 50, but it can keep small logi pilots distracted.

  3. Smartbombs kill drones! Less DPS for you to worry about!

  4. Smartbombs can kill bubbles!

  5. Smartbombs can even kill Focused Void Bombs!

  6. +1 Utility high means even more capital neuting power on hottrop dreads!

I want to fly a solo HAW NagFI Lasker Emanuel style with grapple web point cap booster hardener shield rep in the mids and DCU 3x gyro 2x tracking enhancers in the lows, with tracking and capacitor/shield rigs. I want it sooooo bad!

I would have preferred it got a 7th mid/low over the extra highslot honestly, shield nag fleet struggles to get the required 2nd cap booster in the highs if you actually want tackle, armor nag can do it and has application for days but gives up about 25-30% of its dps to do so

Main threat to HAW dreads usually isnt incoming dps, its being able to rep consistently through neuts

I seem to only see dual neuts being helpful on Moroses, Phoenixes, and Revelations. The capless guns and better application of the HAW Nag or nag fleet are huge, especially if you have some shield capacitor rigs. Phoenix navy with point grapple web paint dual booster shield boost invuln with a dcu and 2x damage 2x application lows might be incredible. Or you could swap out a web, paint, or invuln for a guidance computer.

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