Naglfar vs Rev

Hi hi. Looking to buy a dread cap alt, but not sure which one to get. I understand that armour is preferred over shield due to cap issues, and it freeing up mids for dps application.
Nag used to be preferred due to pricing and higher dps guns, but I now see revs being used more (Won eve for a year, so I’m out of the loop).
Any info on current meta would be appreciated, thanks in advance. <3<3<3

depends what you’re looking to do with it. solo haw lulz. fleet fights ect

fleet fights

in that case see what your alliance runs more of.

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A good Dread Corp will take either.

Rev is the meta right now but the damage lock means that if you start dropping them exclusively people tank for it so most fleets have a good number of Nags as well. Check out some of the fleet fights on zkill and you’ll see what people are dropping.

IMHO Nags are more versatile so if you ever want to do solo or pve it’s probably the better option but that’s just personal preference.

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Rev preffered for fleet fights cause : more tank and its not cap-deppendable + you switch lenses to adjust range instantly while u have to reload for 10 sec on nag. Last one is pretty handy when you dive into tidi madness

this is now a recruitment thread

Nagalfir is the best

The Releation is the best Dread for Dreadbombs and its not even close.
The combination of the better range and the huge tank is a dealbreaker. Thats why every dread has to be anti-Laser tanked and the Rev does it the best.
The answer to anti Rev fit Revelations is not the Naglfar, but the autocannon Revelation (not kidding).
The Phoenix is a monster in smaller dreadbombs (like 20 dreads) but for the huge blobs of 100+ dreads the slow missile flight time will ■■■■ your applied damage.

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