Solo SmartBomber

So, just a simple question. Is there any alpha capable ship that can be used as a solo smartbomb gate camper? If so, fit?

Any BS commonly used with smartbombs?

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Is that just any battleship at all? I’m new to smartbombing

:red_circle: Large battleships are preferred. Like Rokhs, Abaddons, Machariels, Praxis maybe, Maelstrom. Check the killboard for Jan (lonetrek low sec system) or other low sec pipe systems for kills to see what people use. Or check the killboard.

As solo for pods maybe, for other ships probably no. Because positioning and max ~300 dps as alpha player

I’ll admit, it’s difficult. But got a pod, then a Corvette and the Corvettes pod, and just barely missed getting a Venture

The best smartbombing bs have the most high slots (for max alpha strike) and plenty of CPU for the bombs. The rokh is used frequently because it has these traits. I don’t have any alpha characters so I can’t say if they can properly fit a smartbomb rokh or not.

if you really want to meta-pvp, you can get something as small as a smartbombing cruiser and camp perimeter with an overview that only shows leopards. Pretty sure there’s a corp out there dedicated to that exact thing.

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Why Perimeter? Isn’t that highsec?

Yes, but the vast majority of leopard pilots will be traveling to jita/perimeter to sell BPC, BPOs, Implants etc. You’d be saccing a 30mil or so ship for billions on a km, 50% of which should drop.

So, sounds like code just smartbomb style

But alright. I can do that. Just leopards or any shuttle?

Leopards are 110mil a piece iirc, and carry much more usually, so just them. I don’t do any HS shenanigans myself, so I can’t tell you the exacts, but afaik leopards only (maybe stealth bombers/intys/t2 explo too if you’re willing to tank your sec status?). You can also do the same in tama or other LS-HS places, just sit on the gate and smartbomb people in blingy pods trying to return to HS after dying. Just set speed to 75%, align out, get KM, warp. Both methods will lower sec status and the latter will get you killrighted tho, just a heads up.

That’s all good. Figured make many many toons and use them until their sec status is to bad for highsec, then move to the next (Assuming that’s allowed?)

It’s against the rules, but no one ever does anything about it. I’m forced to tell you that’s bad, go sit in the corner, time out, slaps wrist but at the same time it’s CCP and what have they ever done to stop 50+ multiboxing bot accounts, they won’t do anything to do you.

But it wouldn’t be multiboxing. I’d train the characters to a good limit, use them until terrible sec status, then move to another account and probably biomass that character. All while only playing one character at a time

Yeah, making an account and biomassing due to sec status is a no-no apparently

Hmm. What if I just never biomassed it, but never used it again either and rather just made and used a new character?

I don’t do any of this stuff so I have no idea, all I know is that there may be a non-zero chance to get some form of punishment.

Now let’s calm down here…