Are SB Camps Impossible to get past?

With the exception of having a large gang of ranged ships with you, is jumping into/out of a system at a gate with a ship fit with smart bombs simply a no-win situation?

Don’t they just jump to safety if the odds go against them?

Have tank, have no problem. Smartbombs don’t do much damage.


Yah have tank. Try bouncing to a moon or some other ping so you can warp to the gate at a different angle.

They cannot smart bomb 0 on gate, so they pick a point where its aligned to another gate, just ping as Anthony has said and avoid all damage completely.



If it is a common SB gate that you use often it is worth the effort to make some perch bookmarks behind the gate


Ok, thank you.

I was in an unfit Reaper, so “tank” didn’t exist.

Do people just passive tank their battleships and then AFK at the gate with the bombs active?

Their mind is afk probibly since its mind numbing lol but no its best for them to wait and activate smart bombs as they see you so they can burst all the smart bombs on you.

One trick I use whenever I am roaming lowsec is, before I warp to a gate, I check if there are any structures/planets next to it and ill warp to them first. Allows me to dscan the gate first if it is outside the 14.4AU range. As others have stated having a tank helps aswell. Here is a cheap instawarp sunesis fit that has 1400m3 and 11kehp so it can survive a couple pulses.

[Sunesis, Sunesis]
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II

Multispectrum Shield Hardener I
Medium Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Extender II

Small Cargohold Optimization II
Small Cargohold Optimization II
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

FYI, I used to gatecamp a system that had a planet close to a gate. People kept using the planet as a ping, so we’d bubble the planet (we also bubbled the sun). Of course, this was back when POS’s used to more common, so it was a bad idea to warp to moons. Moreover, it doesn’t seem like every gatecamp will put in that much effort. Regardless, I never warp to planets near gates (or the sun) when traveling. If it’s an area I frequent, and I don’t have structures that I can ping to, I’ll set up bookmarks. And if I don’t have any bookmarks setup, I’ll use asteroid belts.


use covert cyno. Call some friends with bombers and have some fun… :slight_smile: Launching a bomb to a smart bombers and gate campers is not a bad thing. :slight_smile:


I assume these camps that you are talking about are in LowSec, because that is the only place where I have seen them. They could be in null, but I would think that the possibility of a large counterattack would dissuade offensive camping. As such, this only portains to lowsec camps.
If you want to get by them, bounce or warp to a perch. Or find an alternative route, if it is not too much trouble.
But, you might want to fight them!
If the camp is on a gate that jumps into highsec, they are quite cornered. Even if a camping ship has not activated their SB in the last minute (weapons timer), they cannot jump, due to the ship immediately being CONCORDed upon landing. Bring a fleet that has plenty of active tank, as well as adequate tackle. Gate guns are on your side. Ships like the Vagabond and Maller can really shine here. Make sure you have a good sized fleet, some 5-10 people, and carefully bait with a single multi-tacke tanky cruiser, BC, or even BS. Once tackled, bring in your logi and mid-range DPS ships - fit with additional long points - to kill them one at a time.
If they are on a gate into a low or nullsec system, you must have the other side guarded or bubbled in case they decide to flee.
Try to engage by jumping into the fight, instead of warping.

can bubbles decloak a ship?

So, the mobile warp disruptor than generates the bubble will decloak you, but not the bubble itself. And since you’ll get pulled out of warp just inside the bubble, you wont have to worry about that. However, gate campers will poop a cargo can or two in line with gates so that that will decloak you when you get pulled out of warp.

Thus, even if you are covops capable, I still recommend never warping from gate to gate. At the very least, you should warp gate to celestial to gate. Hopefully, the following diagram illustrates why.



Warp to a ping, or other celestial.


The bubble itself no, but the thing making the bubble can. You should be able to see it on Dscan an on your overview.
Also you can orbit them, this can be useful sometimes.
Interdiction probes are the exception, I don’t think they decloak you, but I also don’t think you can make use of them, I’m not positive on this as they are very short lived and I haven’t tried.
Another fun thing about interdiction probes is that the ships launching them also get stuck in them.
My first attempt to use one on someone got me killed because of that. Basically I bubbled my self.

you land on the edge (±2500m) of the bubble. So usually you are not decloaked, unless they dropped a can (which they… usually do)


For SB camps, there are battleships every day on every gate out of Kourmonen. Four of the gates are within 300,000 km of each other, and one (Auga) is 40 AU away. I easily go around the camps by warping to a celestial or citadel near the stargate like a perch.

Kind of, sometimes many smartbombers will play with a few alts sometimes they leave a bomber on a 3rd oe 2nd monitor alligned to blap.

Othertimes they are highly organised with cloaked alts on 2 or more transits. They will warp to align with said traffic. A fc can squad warp an afk gang to the vector and call his buddies on coms to bomb. His buddies might be cooking, mining or other solo activity, lelz.

Smart bomb battleships are vunreable to all ships who stay out of their bomb range.

The bomber will have fit stabs so you will need an infinity point to catch.

Or multiple fast frigates with scram, of course

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