Smartbomb Gate camp

These guys have been very effective setting up a permanent camp in E-OGL4 with smartbombing Rokh and Abaddon battleships and scouts in joining systems. A 61au between gates system you are unable to see them on dscan, is there a counter to this?


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Bookmarks 250km above, below, left or right.

Without bookmarks you can warp to (one of the) celestials nearest the gate and then D-scan. Warping to gate from there can change your gate approach direction and miss the SBs entirely. Consequence is you show your own D-scan profile to the gate campers.


Not really. Just avoid that route.

Not really?

smartbobm has kinda 5km radius, right?

jump to 50, kite and kill that fat smartbomber?

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The smartbombers usually have a citadel at the gate that they can tether to, so you cannot really kill them. But yeah, you can at least try to fight back, rather than flying everywhere in an interceptor and letting other people run the game.

And he just warps away. Wow.
it’s like you’ve never actually tried to kill a smart bomber in your life and are talking about things you don’t know about.


Problem solved :+1:

If they aren’t dumb they have mjds you’re gonna need a scram.

Cyno drop them with your titan alt and hit them with a doomsday device.



If they are on gate, cloaked, it’s difficult.

bounce off a celestial that puts you on a different vector than warping gate to gate . the 15W- gate is above solar plane and has no nearby celestials . to get into directional range , initiate and cancel warp until your ship is capped out and won’t make the full jump gate to gate .

The campers pick their gates so that this isn’t always feasible, but yes, that is a possible solution. You can also just warp to 100 km and burn around to the other side of the gate. They can’t shoot you since all they have are smartbombs.

they see you are coming, uncloack, start smartbombing…
but you are not in 5km range…
you are safe
lock target… do smthng like “stay in range…” and fire your missiles…

(my fantasy is great!)

there’s two gates my advice works for either . your advice would get someone killed in a bubble , google it if you’ve never been out of empire …

Lol. I am just sharing other options that I have seen people use. No need to get all pissy. The dude’s probably in an interceptor anyway.

I think that the best counter to any kind of gate camping, is that CCP, would actually start and do something about it. I mostly do Faction and Exploration, and I often find myself shut down by gate campers, and although I love PVP, and having to fight 1 or more players, and engage in combat is really thrilling, and regardless of the result, I always learn something new, after being gate camped I am left with a really bad taste, and tend to feel frustrated as I find the campers ever more resourceful no matter how hard I try to counter them (like letting them anchor structures near gates that they can tether to)…So I will stick to Faction Warfare, as to at least decide who and when should I fight.
@ CCP you could master some kind of NPC reaction to people who sit around in a system and just camp the hell out of it. The same as you mastered the Triglavian invasion, you could unleash some kind of Faction militia, going after people who do nothing more but gate camp, maybe it will discourage people from doing this at least to a certain degree. There are design ways to at least improve upon in this area, and you could not hope to have new players embracing PVP and exploration, when they can just be squashed in the worst way possible, every time they try to do something in this game…

So why don’t you just avoid the camped gate?

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Problem solved here then, guess we can close this thread!