Gate Camp Survival Guide

Hello again,

seems I forgot to post this one here when it was finished.
This time it’s about gate camps - and you can increase your chances of surviving them.

I hope you may find this useful and as always:
feedback is appreciated.


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IMO worth mentioning are using the ingame map filters to try and avoid possible camps, warping to celestial before warping to gate / using f11 system map to see unexpected angle to warp to gate from.

ty for putting your time into helping folks.

Where’s the guide on how to get past the 2 LOSERS multiboxing 22 fully loaded smartbomb battleships surrounding the gate? Seriously…I need that one.


Looks like they are winners instead…
Golden Rule #9: Avoid Rancer.

Safest way is probably to setup pings on the gates and go there first.
Ideally, those bookmarks should let you warp in from an angle where the smartbombs won’t hit you.

You can warp to 100 and snipe the hell out of them with a bs… maybe you won’t kill them before they make the jump but surely will annoy them at the point they loose interest in that gate if you do it enough

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