LoSec Gatecamps

So I was hoppin wormholes and hacking cans. I came out in LS about 20 some odd jumps from home (hacked a few cans along the way) when I jumped into a .2 system and saw about 5 or 6 red and yellow flashy peeps. One of them was just sitting at the gate (I assume he was the “recon” - as there was only 2 gates in or out of the system) so I warped cloaked (I’m in an astero with 1.7 align) and as a approached the out gate to HS, and there they were. About 5 of them with a bunch of yellow wrecks all around. I guess they were picking ships off as they jumped into the system.

So here’s my question. What if I had jumped from the other direction into that soup? Is there anything that they can do to counter a 1.7 align in LS?
(I was tempted to jump back through to see if I could cat and mouse it, but I had too much in the cargo, didn’t want to risk it for an “experiment”)

Gotta learn as I go!

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If you did, then you would very likely get out. Depends on composition of that camp. Warp and cov ops cloak. It is almost impossible to catch such Astero in LS.
However, they might have hard counter to you which are smartbombs. You can very easily die to them. For that reason you shall not warp straight to gate, but instead bounce cloaked to celestial/something else to aproach the gate from different direction. You D-scan the gate first and only after that you warp to it. Or ideally if you have pings on that gate, you warp to ping and then warp to gate.

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Yea, I was thinking smart bombs would do the trick. I’ve just never used them so I’m not well versed on how they work. Maybe I’ll go play with them. :boom:

Yes, generally when Im in LS, I bounce off of something to the gate. Sometimes Ill drive around to the other side of the gate out at 70km and make a bookmark there for the future. (I got nothin but time) :slight_smile:


Unless you are really, really unlucky, everything below 2 seconds align time should not be able to be caught.

EVE works in “timer ticks” of 100 milliseconds or 1 second. If everything goes right, the first second you decloak and align and warp before the second tick.

Only Supergirl or Spiderman would be able to get a target lock in that timeframe.

Errrr… you missed a zero there


Damn, 1000 milliseconds.

Assuming the wrecks are within spawn radius around the gate …

… then these 1.7 seconds align time will help you nothing if one of those wrecks decloaks you.

Be glad you didn’t jump back.

How so? You can’t point in 2 ticks (but if he gets lagspike then it is different story)

They’ll be seeing you before you realize you’re visible. It takes you a tick to initiate warp and at least one more to actually enter warp, so there’s plenty of time to point you. Even if you could spam warp all the time during the jump, you’d still have no guarantee that you only show up at latest when you’re visually dropping out of the tunnel.

Targeting time

How long it takes for you to lock a target depends on the signature radius of the ship you’re targeting, and on your own ship’s scan resolution . To calculate the locking time (in seconds):


X (in mm) Scan resolution of your ship
Y (in m) Signature radius of the target


In theory a sensor boosted/signal amped interceptor can lock a frigate in under one second.

If Lock Time + Network Latency + Reaction Time <1s, you can (with a primed module) point a target at the 2nd Tick. Effectively, this means you could point any ship that has an align time >=1s


I beat like 15 bubble camps through null with an astero. Low sec is a joke. You’ll be fine. The only thing to worry about is an insta-locking gnosis.

And insta-locking lokis, legions, vigilants, dramiels, daredevils (usually with T1 logi support), oh and smart bombing BSes if you’re in anything fast/agile enough to evade all that.

One does not simply jump into low sec.




I thought jump cloak was immune to decloak. Against a sub 2 align ship it won’t have any effect on the situation.

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Can/Wreck/Corpse spam around gates proves that to be wrong.
You’re decloaked before your client is properly loaded on grid.
Fast aligntime doesn’t save you, because the others have a head start.

That’s simply not true. You are invulnerable after a jump and cannot be decloaked by proximity for up to one minute. Can spam was used to catch covert cloaks before they could recloak, but it never stopped the normal jump cloak from working.


Gate trash when combined with instalocks will gate you… and your worst nightmare is maulus navy issue. Can cross 4K scan res… will lock you on tick 1.

I’ve been playing for years and never been locked at a gate camp with a <2s align ship.

Having said that, on a few occasions I’ll land a short distance from a gate or station, so you can’t jump or dock immediately. If there’s an insta-locking Loki or Gnosis waiting, they can get you.

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That’s wrong. The only thing that can allow first tick locks is miracle ping. Wrecks and gate trash have nothing to do with it. On top of that a “maulus navy issue” has no outstanding scan res from the rest of Tech I frigates, it’s actually handicapped due to the low mid slots, but obviously RSBO is possible just like any other ship. You only see them because of their high scramble strength to prevent stabs from working. Anyways it’s irrelevant. That’s the last I’ll say on this matter, educate yourselves by jumping a gate and having an alt drop a can to ‘decloak’ you. It won’t work.


Not sure what you mean. Are you saying you may be decloaked right after jumping if you happen to land within 2000m of something? That’s not how it works. You have total invulnerability for 1 min after jumping if you don’t move, not even area of effect weapons may affect you while you’re under gate cloak.


I did not know that; but then again, I am a noob.

So, what is the purpose of all the detritus I often come across when flying though hisec - multiple T1 drones and the like?