New player returning after a while

Hello all,

Just been back after a few months and what I find is some new ships that have killed me 3x now in an hour, tried to change system but again ran into them, warped into the site, as i was warping in they came straight to my warp in point even before I exited warp and blew me before I managed to warp out.

Is there a way to counter it so I can mine in asteroid belts or should I just stick to level 1 missions with my venture?

Thank you

I didn’t see anything on the killboard so I can’t be 100% sure how you died. Sounds like it could possibly be be a smart bomb if you were in lowsec or nullsec. The way to avoid them is to warp to a celestial or bookmark not in line between your entry gate and the target destination gate. As long at the angle is great enough then the bomb can’t hit you.

If it wasn’t a smart bomb they could have cloaked eyes on your entry gate and just see where you went. They had faster ships and got there in time to ambush you. The counter is to pay attention to local and who is there. In low sec and null anyone not your friend/corpmate/alliancemate is a potential danger/enemy. Also you likely warped to the belt at 0 which is most common to get close to it faster. But that also means they know exactly where your going to land.

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