Dear Smart Bombers

Keep up the good work.

Your timing needs to be spot on with the cycle, also you could use one Nova Smart bomb for that final touch of perfection.

As a smart bomber would already know that the Stiletto only has 10% Nova armor resistance and if you only fit EM Damage is not very smart.

Note for today’s to do list and for the next time that the Stiletto has a EM Damage Shield Resistance of 33% Shield and 70% EM Damage Armor Resistance.

Be sure to fit your ship correctly and stop using the poor cheap setup you currently have.



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so you are the one who got away?

this guy will do this every day non stop. you are just another fish that slipped the hook. hes not bad at SBing he just did not catch you.


I guess that smart bomber wasn’t so smart!


Why are they called smartbombs, anyway?


Because they can solve chess puzzles. :joy:


Why wasn’t this mechanic that has no counter-play not removed long ago?

No counter play? Hmm

Can’t touch this… oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh

Yes no counter-play since you are in warp and “you cannot do that while warping…”

Tell you one thing though, that pilot is more scary than all the pilots in Code.

At least you know when Code. o/ Show up you know where you’re going to end up. In a nice warm place of a ball of explosion.

But that Smart Bomber, I’ll tell ya, is scary cause it will leave you wondering what waits for you on your way back to your Dreadnought… cry… I need help… LOL.

Don’t warp directly to the gate.
Warp in from a different direction.
The smartbombing is the counterplay…


Too hard. I shouldn’t have to use my brain to play this game.

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Its the only counter to insta warp ceptors. They don’t have to warp straight to the gate.

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Wrong an interceptor is the counter for an interceptor, not an ancient mechanic you cannot influence until it was forced upon you.

Wow, X13. They’ve been around for donkeys years.

That would have been like being ganked by trilobites.


But is a ship a day, worth warping out of the way? Imagine the years lost by double warping for every jump…

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Depends. Getting popped 27 jumps into a 30 jump route kills some time. But it’s not that hard to figure out the likely SB gates and just be careful with those. No need to double jump every time.


Because it has more than adequate counterplay, to the point that you generally have nobody but yourself to blame for dying to a smartbomb camp.

I recently watched someone die to the same smartbomb camp twice. Within the same hour. In interceptors. In Rancer.

That’s not really the smartbomber’s fault. The smartbomber could basically be thought of as inclement weather at that point, and the victim is that guy who refuses to evacuate with the cat 5 hurricane bearing down.


Riight, so those bubble immune < 2 second warp ceptors have a counter? Tell me more about how you catch them? Hint: You can’t because even at the max lock speed it is not possible if the ceptor is fit right. So the only counter is the smartbomb. I feel completely safe transporting 50+ bil of cargo in a ceptor it is that terrible.


Yup. I smartbomb a lot and what’s funny is that the smartbomb ship is relatively stationary and is very easy to go around. Warp to a ping, warp to a belt or planet at a large enough angle off the straight path to the gate, go through a different system, etc. Also they can see me on D-scan, in local, and many times one of their own corp mates died to me a few minutes ago and reported me in intel!

After all that ease of avoiding me I can’t believe sometimes how the same person will die to me several times in a row without me moving whatsoever.