Marauders - not quite enough

So appearantly CCP actually didn’t intend to make yet another joke at the expense of nullsec pve players, they’re just missing the point why it’s so bad and have no clue how to fix it.

The Problem:
lies in the fact that a Marauder is simply countered by less then 500m worth of torp bombers - big stationarty target with maybe 120k ehp

Carrier can simply stay aligned, does more damage and is still cheaper then a Marauder.

Apply Bastion ROF bonus to Smart Bobms
Inhibit Cyno within 50km of active Bastion

Rapid cycle smart bomb could effectively reduce incomming torpedo damage to a surviveable level while cappacitor lasts - forcing hunters to take more risk and require skilled piloting - using (Void-) bombs, vulnerable during approach, also crossing some distance to get under guns.
T3C / Recon tackle - higher investment and vulnerable to battleship guns
Black ops BS may MJD on top and secure scram instead of the usual opposite protocol to get safe before the target is even dead.

Well thought out fleet copms and skillful piloting would become way more important.

Now the victim has a realistic chance to fight back and earn their escape.
No free lunch for either side.

I don’t expect any impact on fleet fights from the cyno inhib - after all logi can’t rep a ship in Bastion mode.
Some interesting dynamics or small gangs trying to prevent an umbrella drop. It has no spool up time but limited range and tank

  • one more thing:
    Please give another mid to Kronos and Paladin.

Or stop using HS ships.

Youve enough of your own, greedy child.


So then use a Carrier in null?

Not every ship and not every change needs to be aimed at benefiting all uses. Just ask wormholers.

@Zuccini_Vaselini awesome name


CCP said, that Marauders are mostly mission ships.
Also, you will haze bombers with the DMG buff. If somebody drops 50 people on you, you are dead anyways.

Bastion 60s → 30s already makes you much safer
with increased sensor strength you are now almost probe immune (from non-specialized ships)
you will tank at least 3k+ dps with less dps greedy fit, which means it takes 4+ bombers to take you down.
If you got covert dropped they are spending many people’s time on you, and also an equivalently expensive Black OP as bridge.
No ship should be invulnerable. Now Marauders are S+ in efficiency, you take the rewards, and just also let the risks be there.


No see, the actual “problem” is that you think value has anything to do with what it takes to kill you, bombers use battleship sized weapons, so multiple ravens would do exactly the same thing to you

At a much higher cost than 500M. Which was his point.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Sure, but the cost isn’t actually part of the equation

Getting a 3.3bil paladin killed by 520mil’s worth of bombers is working as intended due to the actual part that matters which is damage versus tank, and a max skilled bomber hits like a BS, but they are paper thin so killing them is easy enough unless its a ganking scenario, at which point you’re boned anyway and catalysts would cost less but require more numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

Pants in seats > cost-of-ships

Miniluv ganked a freighter with corvettes… :laughing:


I’d really love to see you try get 10 Ravens on my grid in the middle of Delve.
If your balls are that big you reaally deserve that killmail

yeah, if the intention was to have boring gameplay and skill free kills.

Marauders could be the one ship type that isn’t easily ganked by torps - you sound scared of that idea?

Oh look a krab calling other people ball-less.


you want me to link my killboard again, loser?

What has that to do with your boast about krabbing in the Safest Place On EarthTM?

huh? i don’t krab in worm holes.

“huh what day is it should I stop krabbing now whats going on”

Keep up the fight, warrior lol

I agree on + 1 mid for paly/kronos + 2k buff to cap for paly. SInce its CAP is its AMMO it would be only logical :wink:

Varg got +dmg buff per lvl, while paly got semi-nerf on its bonus. While golem just pewpews with no implants requred, the paladin needs mid-grade rapture + cap bat + 1 ccc to make itself stable enough for long missions.

Dear CCP, plz fix this mess!


Then use a Carrier.

The Marauder buff doesn’t force you to use Marauders. If you think that Marauders aren’t worth it in your situation even after the buff, then you don’t have to use them. But in all situations where Marauders were already decent, this buff made them better. I see no reason to complain that the buffs weren’t enough to make you start using a Marauder; maybe these buffs weren’t intended to make you use a Marauder in your situation, just to make the Marauders better in other situations.


I do like the mara buffs.

But the thing is, 2 got massive buffs, 1 remained almost the same (as kronos still needs to be in range for blasters) and paly got …well… cap problems ^^

GZ on dmg buff, but the damage difference was usually around 50% (when you min-max) and now its 150%

Paly and kronos needs baked in range and paly needs baked % in dmg buff for the cap deficieny it has atm. (or just give em another mid/low to compensate)

Much better, as it turns out.

Carrier does 2700 dps
Risk / Rewad ballance in this game is a goddamn joke.

at wich they failed, miserably.

My proposal would in no way make it “safe” to use Marauders in null but at least make it viable to use them and make small gang PVP and blops hunting more interesting.

As opposed to your super high skill “Buy a ship and click bastion” tactics right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, we both know you’re trolling at this point

Because that idea makes literally no sense, its not a case of being scared, its a case of you being upset you didn’t watch local enough to avoid getting killed in your expensive ship

Literally a case of “git gud” as the kids say

You do know not all 4 ships need to be equal in terms of ease of use and performance right? :stuck_out_tongue: