A Little Improvements to Marauders

Well, I used all types of Marauders a lot lately and almost all seem to be ok with them, even their prices. Anyway, I found two relatively annoying and serious limitations into their concept:

  1. Low Weapon Disruption Resistance in Bastion mode. It’ll be nice to increase it to -65% or -75% from the current value of -50%. The problem with this setup are cases when there’s a bunch of NPC ships at 50km range or above and you have like 3 or 4 Weapon Disruptors on your ship. For example, it will decrease the Falloff range for a Paladin Scorch lens from 91 km to 35km and you just have to sit in Bastion mode and wait until those pesky elite NPC will come into range. It’s important for both PVE and PVP. If you think that -50% WDR is enough - here’s converse:
  • td-vs-marauder
  1. Low bonus to the Tractor Beam range. It should be 200% (around 90 km). It will fit well with Marauder weapon ranges and Bastion mode concept.

Nah they already got buffed.

And LOL to the WD buff you want.

I get you want 1000% easy mode ship but it ain’t happening bud :smiley:

The one thing they really need is Bastion not to make them immobile.
That is a throw back to the pre-EWar resistance days, where it was 100% to all EWar including webs or 0.
Now they could still be vulnerable to webs & points, and unable to warp with Bastion on, but still able to do standard movement. This would make flying them a more active experience, rather than turn you into a boring turret.

P.S. @Op. Fit Beams, still have range.

Nope LOL.

Again, I get you guys want your instant win mobile but seriously ROFL.

Do you remember the old Bastion buffs? The WDR had -99% resistance like Dreads, right?

I don’t want it to be absolutely immune, I’m ok to get one or at least two EWAR debuffs at the same time. But four or five Tracking Disruptors at the same time is way too much. It doesn’t fit into Marauder gameplay concept - solo or up to five man fleets, MJD, immovability, big weapon ranges, low Cap for MWD.

It would be just too OP. It will be like a mobile “High angle” Dread.

I like Pulse lasers on Paladin. Perfect rate of fire, tracking and range for most purposes. Default Scorch range is 91 km, Conflagrate - 30 km while other lenses will grant range between them. And 5 Tracking Disruptors will cut Beams really hard also btw.

You basically do :smiley:

It already has a 50% defense my guy.

I get it, I truly do, but all ships have pros and cons.

Take your buff you already got and on your way :smiley:

I suggest an SoE hub :smiley:

Have you tried to utilize the bastion/mwd trick?

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I basically not. WDR = -70% will not grant immunity.

Bro, you already got god mode when you hit that button basically.

Honestly, asking for more is just crazy LOL.

Again, its a hard no.

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Have you tried fitting a tracking computer/enhancer?

It’s not about self or fleet targeting buffs, it’s about the number of disrupting signals that persist on a Marauder at once.

You can still fly a Marauder without the need of a Bastion module.

What’s the point?

It’s better to use a Barghest or Leshak for damage application or Rattlesnake for tanking.

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