Marauder can fit assault DCs

So have Marauders be able to fit Assault DCs and drop the tractor beam bonus. I feel that this bonus is out of date and redundant, it would be a good progression to see Marauders to have more usefulness without losing a bonus to another module (the MTU) or being made redundant as a reason to train into a marauder with other ships present, it would make them far more attractive choice


What would actually make them attractive is being able to move at normal speeds while in bastion.
With the changes to ewar resistance bastion no longer stops webs or points. So the main issue of them moving while in Bastion which was untacklable is gone.

Tractor beam bonus is indeed irrelevant, but those ships have crazy tanks already and you want to even improve it?

Mobility bonus would make more sense, as it is pretty stupid to have immobile “marauder”. But the ship would be too good and bastion would be simply always active in fight - no more consideration whether it should get activated or not. Bastion has to offer a tradeoff - better tank and damage application for some minus. Ditching both damage application and immobility would keep the ship mostly balanced, but at that point, just ditch bastion and give that tanking bonus as the default ship bonus.

Bastion does have a minus. No remote assistance of any kind, and no warping. This means marauders don’t scale well to larger fights.
As for having it always on. So? we have TC always on. We have SB always on. Why is the mod being always on a bad thing.

If you are relying on your MTU to do all your tractoring for you, you are doing it wrong.

Other modules at least give consideration “do I want that mid for A or B”. But they are indeed pointless to be active things, SB etc should be a passive module with different modes you can switch every say 10s (like T3D). Bastion isn’t optional. Remove immobility penalty and you might as well make marauders have 1 hislot less with stats like always active bastion.

Marauders don’t scale to larger fights because of price anyway.

Not at all.
The choice to turn it on or not is dependant on situation. If you have any kind of remote assistance around it might make sense to leave it off, if you want the option to warp or MJD it might make sense to leave it off.
You are also using up smart bomb, neut or NOS slots, which while I agree you aren’t that likely to give up Bastion for them would be a possibility.
And it’s no different than a Prop mod or local rep in that regard also, where prop mods are basically compulsory, local reps are for any fit designed for active tanking etc. There are plenty of ‘If you are flying this ship, these mods are basically compulsory’ examples that could be pointed at.
I’m really not seeing that it’s impossible to do, that it creates any kind of imbalance given BS are known to be weak in the meta and that Marauders are weak next to Pirate BS, or that it might as well be baked in, given that then you would have zero downsides to it, since obviously the base hull with no module would have to be able to warp & MJD.

Ah, so you are proposing the bastion would prevent activation of any propmod, but the ship can still slowboat around. Then yeah, bastion would remain optional to activate. I thought the mobility would give all battlefield movement including MJD/MWD/AB, just not warps.
If you plan on not using bastion due to remote assists, you might as well grab mach instead of vargur.
I do agree propmod is almost mandatory on any ship, but there you at least have choice - ab or mwd; T2, faction or deadspace. Similarly, local repair and so on all have pretty wide selection of available modules. Sure, some ships have to be fitted with X, Y and Z to work best, but I don’t think there are many such single purpose boats, almost all have some wiggle room or even crazy fits that work. With bastion, there is no such selection - all marauders fit that one module. Sure, in theory you might have vargur with 4 guns and 4 neuts, receiving remote assists etc and doing high damage together with a lot of neuting and guns that don’t use cap, but this seems incredibly niche - bhaal or vargur with 4 guns, 3 neuts and bastion are going to be almost always better.

Well I was imagining MWD/AB would still be allowed, but not the MJD. Which given the Marauder also has a bonus to MJD as well creates an interesting dynamic where the two bonuses work against each other a bit.
And yeah sure, Bastion is going to be a very common choice, and in most cases will be ideal to fit. But… if you let them fit ADC’s that’s almost always going to be the correct choice as well. So… I just don’t see it being an issue. As you mentioned they are hideously expensive hulls.

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