An Idea to buf Marauders and make them more usefull in PVP

Marauders are okish ships right now, not exactly very good for pvp, not because they are bad per se, but because their cost is to high for what they bring into the grid. So I came up with an idea to buf them.

Give them a module that prevents their target to be remote repaired ( at least partially)

It will make them masively op, so people will use them, and they will be balanced by the fact they are huge loot piñatas everybody dreams to shoot at.

Also we dont have T2 versions of tier 3 Battleship, we could have them made around this module.

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Best way to buff them is to give them all a similar buff to scan res as the t1 hulls, even if not necessarily the same level.

Boom, much better chance to catch light tackle before it gets it’s transversal up, adds to ability to PVE to partially counter the resist nerfs, and keeps them in line with their stated primary intended purpose. Doesn’t massively change their abilities after the initial 6-8s unless they leave bastion or need to change targets outside their significant lock count NOW.

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There is an easier way to fix marauders:

allow to move in bastion, but no mjd (even forced ones) or warp while active.
give full T2 resists (like command BCs have).
swap tractor beam bonus for something more useful (there are MTUs for that now).

And they are instantly better.


Full t2 resists is a yuge benefit.

Which is more appropriate as the resist modules which would have made them seriously oppressive got it in the teeth.


I agree with all you say, yet with all that you still seldom see them on battle.

Give them the anti-logistic modules, and there will be one on every gang.

They still haven’t even introduced a T2 bastion module, so CCP must not see a problem.


I say buff scan res, read new devpost, and it’s there. w00t


Agree, this is definitely the simpler route. Many threads were devoted to this over the years to no avail, but anyways…


Scan res buff indeed something to look forward to.

I agree! Marauders need a buff.

Lets increase that 4 gun bonus to 300% and shield/armor rep bonuses to 100% per level of marauder skill.

My missions agent told me to post this.


Sarcasm meter: pegged.

They needed a very slight one to keep their relative position with the changes to all other battleships. That is an INSANE bonus. (would totally nom the iskies with my marauders 5 if it happened tho)


The sarcasm is strong in this one.

But if you’ve kept up with marauder threads, And if you halve those bonuses, it’s not entirely unreasonable.

PER level? 300% damage and 500% rep bonus, and only halve that?
125% to bring em to 10 effective turrets maybe, maybe. on the absolute high end.

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The last word we had from the devs on the last marauder balance pass over 6 years ago, it was their intention to make marauders bridge the wide gap between sub-caps and caps. Obviously they got their usual ADHD, and forgot all about it, but… there ya go…


And they could do so without going THAT overboard. You are talking about a maxed out paladin doing nearly 4k DPS to 28km.

But they do bridge the gap - they cost as much as a carrier!


That is what has been promised. Just want to see it in action by CCP.

Firstly, I was being a little obnoxious to what seemed an obnoxious post.

Secondly, IIRC, the thinking was at the time since siege modules had such a huge boost to damage, a T2 version of bastion module with 300% damage bonus wasn’t unreasonable and that it also could not be used in high sec. If you are really interested, you should go back through the old marauder threads in these forums to see the theories and reasonings on their positions for marauder buffs. However, I personally am not in the mood to retread old ground for naught…

I remember the threads from 2015ish. And yeah. I like the concept, but it needs to go on a t2 bastion module, not the hull.

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It’s almost like they posted that yesterday and you had already read about it. (they did)