Marauder > Missing RIGS and BONUS

Hi. Can i suggest to ccp or eve online , to put one more rig and one really bonus for my marauder !? yes, there is one rig left its like I get a get a lung cancer.

and again yes this bonus 25% by skill level to get some stuff that cost 1M isk it’s really insane !!

please ccp, give me my lung and give me one bonus for bastion or regenerate speed shield bonus, or bonus to put more cruiser launcher ( bonus cpu and powergrid ) or bonus for radius ( explosiv, speed, efficiency ) missiles,… etc

give me more tank like a really battleship of the future…

any way give me more time for die ;->

thanks very much ccp !

This has got to be a troll…


Marauders got a substantial buff last year, they don’t need another.


give me one more RIg, give me my “lung” ;->

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( In reference to the creature from Scandinavian mythology, the troll is a stupid and nasty individual, who likes to generate controversy whatever the subject of the conversation. … It can pop up at any time in a public online conversation. )

No its not a joke ! one RIG is missing its like lung cancer and there are a bonus for sheat metal at 1000 isk !!
not is not a troll I swear :-<


This is biased because if OP want’s a third rig for the golem he needs to advocate for third rigs on the other marauders too.

This also doesn’t change the fact all marauders are weak vs neuts and some logi out of it’s range.

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Marauders are T2 ships and T2 ships have 2 rigs.


Marauders are useless now that they are vulnerable to EW. Just delete them.


+1 Marauder rig slot for only $59.95 USD per month in a NES CA$H shop near you :wink:


Bro they literally blaze thru things. Just git gud kthx.


what do you mean EW ? e war, electronic things ? ccp put an update on the marauder, that I dont know ?

see u

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( … git gud … ) which kind of video ? mine or yours ?

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Yea. I’m dropping some cash on locator agents. I come pay you a visit :smiley:


yes CCP changed bastion module again marauders used to be like 100% resistant to ECM and Dampeners now it’s like 90%

Marauders are still the literal best ship for lv 4’s Unless you want to go and solo roam in a golem XD

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mon, autre pseudo c’est kapten flam

ist insane ! I paid 100 dollards or euros to get this ! this golem with sheit bonus and one rigs missing !

that is totaliy insane to pay for a bonus marauder that take or get some stuff when I m farming, that all cost 1000 isk !! and my tick rate ???

thats crazy no ?

Can’t speak french and google translate was kinda inconclusive so dunno what that’s supposed to mean. :sweat_smile:

My french hasn’t been used since high school, but I guess he’s commenting on your (similar) name that ‘his other name is kapten flam’.


Flame its like a french word : flamme. thats mean “fire”
captain fire is a hero of carton


T1 ships have 3 rig slots, T2 ships have 2 rig slots.

While I don’t exactly know why CCP designed the game this way, by fitting a lot of ships I did notice it makes a lot of sense for T2 ships to have fewer rig slots.

It may feel strange that T2 ships have fewer rigs slots than T1 ships, but when fitting you might notice the limiting factor for rigs often is not the amount of rig slots, but the amount of rig calibration, especially if you use T2 weapon rigs.

Often T1 ships can fill the full rig calibration with cheap T1 rigs, but for T2 ships which are much more expensive, the game design of 2 rigs encourages players to use T2 rigs to make full use of your rig calibration.

And it also makes sense for a more expensive (T2) hull to use T2 rigs, rather than filling the 400 calibration with three T1 rigs, unable to use T2 as you don’t have enough calibration left.

In short: T1 rigs for T1 ships. T2 ships get fewer rig slots, but are encouraged to use T2 rigs that way.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras I saw you ask this in a duplicate thread, thought I’d give more insight.