Carrier / Marauders Skills Point Reimbursement

Dear CCP I has been playing about 10 years, it is an amazing game you created. But many things has changed with time. So as you NERFED ENDGAME ITEMS LIKE MARAUDERS AND T3 CRUSIES AND CARRIER, to the point to be almost useless . And the comunity told you skill injector was bad idea, now isk doesnt have a value, i would like the skills who took me 1.5 years to develop paying montly back. As avaliable Skills points.

For the love of god please remove that 4 days jump fatigue retardiness or nerfed!.
I have to mention astratus/others mechanic please fix

As i can do nothing about forum and commenting, submitting a ticket for skill rembursment. Thanks.

marauders are awesome
t3’s are still a little owesome … at least the legion still is anyway

and suitcases are still suitcases, they now com in dreadnought flavour too


This will end well.


Marauders need a huge buff or a big price reduction. The dps is just too anemic for the cost.


Err, no they don’t.

They get a big range bonus in bastion,
meaning you get to throw your close range ammo out further,
and a massive tanking bonus so you can either tank the second coming of Christ himself ,
or lash heaps of damage mods.
They’re in a pretty good spot man, well worth the asking price


This got to be the weirdest post so far!
As far as marauders go they are pretty good and can go up against alot of high end pve in more dangerous space with decent results.
Im not sure why you think they are bad?
Only things on my wishlist is bigger drone bay and cargo bay :smile:

T3C and t3ds are great ships although t3c’s recieved changes wich made then less overpowered.

For carriers i dont have enough piloting experience to talk about.

Scorch paladin is only winer here,

Both kronos and vargur benefit more from mobility using their short range guns…100km optimal give me a brake bullshiet CCP is bullshiet.

…bastion hater reporting in.

Which marauder you use? Which carrier you use? Which t3 you use? Do you pay montly as me? So if you think that things are fun and can be played like pink pony you just dont use or never use. Wanna me to remember you how many mistakes the Staff made in the past? lets remember sirmolle and co.

So asking for a way to reorganize skills is nothing weird dear trixi. Please dont spam my request if you are not being pragmatic

Depending on what I actually do I make use of the following ships over several accounts that’s PvP or pve:Loki,tengo,legion,thanatos,nidhogur,paladin,golem,vargur.

DARK ENGRAVER. You can use all that ships with a 7 days account.? IMPRESIVE.

please mr commenter go spam ■■■■ in other treath. Or argument with a real account like mine.

Use skill extractors to reimburse your previous decisions. Everything gets nerfed eventually. HTFU


Ok pragmatic answer, and yes you right. But those are ending items took us years to develop, not a week end like in other games. The thing is ccp still nerfing ending item whats the point to train for them?

Ty for your answer.

I’ve been playing for years now and I don’t recall a marauder nerf. I’ve been using all four on a near daily basis and I love them. Great for PvE and and I’ve seen streamers like Mr Hyde get some dank fights in marauders.

I think Ill get me a Paladin again.

I’m pretty sure the Marauder skill is only 30 odd days… Not years. Every other relevant skill applies to a whole bunch of other ships also.

You can extract the skills you don’t value and either sell them or re-inject at a loss for skills you do value. Petitioning for reimbursement isn’t going to work - even if CCP agreed with you they aren’t going to set a precedent like that!

To the Op the cloaky loki is still awesome, does exactly what it says on the tin. As for my marauder i station spin it. I use my fleetphoon for everyday use. Plus cloaky transport ships for my valuable cargo. Merry Christmas to all.

Marauders still amazing (Paladin and Golem anyway.) check. (Hell even good for BOTH pve and pvp now.)
T3 cruisers still the most powerful cruiser class vessels in the game at virtually everything, even post nerf. Check.
Carriers still great for a lot of things. (Though I admit they lost of a lot of flexibility.) Check.
Jump Fatigue one of the “BEST” nullsec changes in years. Check.

I will however 100% agree that injectors are just CCP trying to cash grab people though.

The changes happened many years ago, and it wasn’t a nerf, just an overall mechanic change, the marauders went from more of a dps output ship, to more of a immobile tanky turret ship that’s basically immune to ewar.

not sure if you’re a alt or not considering your age and how long you’ve been in goons and back then goons got orders to buy up cap chars, but yea… keep sipping on that coolaid and catching up.

sirmolle was never a member of ccp staff, the issue was caused by T20 and it was due to 4 t2 bpo’s that werent even that good, a few ammo ones if i remember right. Considering that alliance easily had over 300-400 of them anyway, do you really think that extra 4 mattered?

I can tell you now it didnt but goons needed something to rally people behind and it worked to some extent and got BoB the fight they wanted.