"Hunter's Boon" update on Singularity


Today you will begin seeing changes from our next update “Hunter’s Boon” appear on Singularity, and further changes and updates will roll out daily for the next two weeks.

This update is focused on following up on several of our recent updates with adjustments based largely on your feedback. This update is still in development so expect regular changes over the coming weeks. Here are some of the larger components we plan to include:

  • Adding a covert cyno beacon deployable:
    The mobile cyno beacon has been a success and we want to expand on the concept by adding a covert version. This one will come with a larger price tag but allows hunters to drop a covert cyno without needing a covert hunting ship. We hope this is an exciting tool for hunters. Tuning will definitely be necessary on activation time and ehp to get this in the ideal place.
  • Adding a booster to extend the stabilized period after cloaking:
    Overall we’re very happy with the effect that mobile observatories have had on AFK cloaking and cloaking in general but we know that for certain ops a longer hidden duration would be very beneficial so we’re adding this booster as an option for those purposes. The price will be high to ensure that any observatory costs from defenders are more than equaled by immunity from cloaking attackers.
  • Removing strategic cruiser skill loss:
    We love the idea of skill loss as an ultimate penalty in the game but don’t think this isolated one-off implementation on this single ship is the right place. It has been a long discussed topic in the community, and we’ve decided to finally remove the skill loss from T3 cruisers.
  • Scan resolution penalty reduction for fleet interceptors:
    This is an obvious improvement for the nullification release that has been consistently requested
  • Balance adjustments for the Pacifier and Enforcer:
    Updates here would have perhaps fit much better into our last release ‘Enter the Portal’ but for time purposes we postponed them until our next release (this one!).

Again more details will emerge over the next weeks, so please keep checking on Singularity and providing feedback on them. We appreciate all your help in tuning the last several patches and look forward to your input on the above changes!

Fly safe!


  • 25-06 - T3C Skill Loss Removal is now implemented into Singularity.
  • 25-06 - The new hardened cloak booster now has a blueprint, materials and distribution are not yet final numbers.
  • 25-06 - Interceptor role bonus changes are now included (added an 80% reduction in the scan resolution penalty from nullifiers)
  • 28-06 - First balance changes for Pacifier and Enforcer ships
  • 28-06 - Update to Covert Cyno beacon industry requirements, and skill to anchor.
  • 02-07 - Changes to Bastion Module
  • 02-07 - Adding more CPU for the Pacifier.

i love you for making skill-loss gone, marry me maybe?


God bless, T3s are viable again!


This alone is not enough to restore T3 cruisers in the meta.
Hope there is more love for T3s in near future.


Praise Bob!


This plus the recent price spike in BS could drive them a bit…

But yes more would be nice

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so basically you can put a cyno on any ship again…


Removing the skill loss for T3Cs is one of the best changes you’ve ever had for the game.

I’m failing to see what the use for the covert cyno deployable is, particularly when it’s 400m3 and takes 1 minute to light. Why not just have an alt in a bomber with a covert cyno?


and here I was thinking that the SP loss would be better if it had a chance to drop as an injector in the wreck. * sadpanda *

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what massive nerfs can we look forward to for T3Cs to compensate for this change


t3c absolutly need to be nerfed as a compensation now


the nullification module is barely worth having… the only thing it has nullified is the interceptor as an interceptor… you can not chase someone down having to stop every jump and wait 30 extra seconds just to use it again. ohh and its lovely on the DST’s and such except… its a one time shot… the moment your slow ass lands on the next gate… your smoked… you have no WCS and no nullifications… i guess all we can do is tavel safe and slow routes… sorry but i aint got time for that… ■■■■ to see and people to do


There is a major difference - yes, now you can lit a cyno using any ship again. But you cannot lit the cyno instantly as there is significant anchoring time. Even more, anchoring cyno can be destroyed even before it activates


so they want them off grid then now?
it makes not a lot of sense to me although i can see a use for it… but no ways will it justify a super high price tag…

Delet dis!

The delay was reduced for lower Tier variants, so it is not 30s anymore and will be less in most cases.

The game was much more fun, when ceptors were not nullified.
We were able to chase em, catch em and evade em campers and all that boomer stuff.

Nullifying ceptors was a mistake. Thx CSM for not pointing that out for so long…
Scan resolution penalty change is not needed! We need complete removal of nullification option for ceptors.

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Does the paragraph about loving the idea about SP loss seem pretty alarming to anyone else.

Screams to me that we can expect it to appear under a different set of circumstances

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I’m sure now that they’re selling SP consistently, the love of SP loss has grown dramatically.


Thank You!,


Buff T3s Tank or just accept Assault Damage Control in T3 :loveparrot:

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