You killed maraudes!

Well well well CCP.
Why dont you just delete marauders from the game if you just delete their key feature?

How you suppose i should fight EWAR rats???
Key point of rattig on marauder and training them is it was immune to EWAR ■■■■ while T1 battleships suffering from it really hard.
And now you just turn marauders into overpriced T1 without any unique feature.

What’s wrong with you, CCP???

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That hasn’t happened. Their Key Feature is that they can fit a bastion module that greatly increases firepower and defensive capabilities, but sacrifice mobility for that. As far as I am aware, that has not been deleted.

Free hint: Despite what some liars might have told you, Marauders can turn off the bastion mode and… you know… reposition themselves to get in range of nasty opponents. Then choose an appropriate ammo type for the situation and just kill them off. But pssst, you didn’t hear that from me.

Nope, they werent immune to EWAR for a long time now and they don’t need to be. You need to learn to use the ship better.

Holy ■■■■, postings like that make me wish people would need to (mandatory!) pass a Flight License Test before boarding any T2 ship.


I don’t really think too much will change for marauders in PVE with a possible major exception being missions like Serpentis The Blockade. The amount of elite sensor dampening ships spawning at huge distances will eliminate any ship’s ability to target at anything other than point blank range.

That mission will become a huge pita for marauders, you won’t be able to bastion, you’ll need to mwd down all the elite sensor dampeners, cutting your dps and tank heavily. A drone boat or possibly fof missile boat will be better for that mission I should think.

The PvE content you were doing is probably meant to be done in a group, so rat ewar isn’t an issue.

I agree, OP. They shoulda just nerfed marauders back to how they used to be. They were fine as they were a few years ago. 60s (or even 90s) bastion cycle, ewar immunity, etc. They were fine. Hell, even if they nerfed them a teeny-tiny bit more they’d be fine. But not having ewar immunity kinda makes them pointless. Back to using rattlesnakes or machs again, I suppose.

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NPC damps have no effect past 125km. They have 25km optimal + 50km falloff. So at 75km they are 50% efficient, at 125km they are zero efficient. Rails got buffed. Count 1+1. Easy Peasy mission for a Rail Kronos.


Fighting Guristas is gonna be a PITA now that ECM immunity is lost.

Watching all the carebears scamper about like light-spooked roaches after some kind of announced patch change upsets the rotation of their non-stop PvE grind routine is one of this game’s best sources of entertainment for sure.


Marauders weren’t ECM immune for years. The Bastion mode gave a 100% increase in Sensor strength, resulting in 50% less chance to get jammed. And again, NPCs have an optimal range for their EWAR, yes, also ECM. You can simply snipe all those nasty Dampeners, Jammers, Tracking Disrutptors or Neuters away without them having any impact on you. But, the HORROR, you will have to LEAVE BASTION for a cycle to just jump 100km away. Unthinkable!!!


I have been in incursions for 5 some years now. I even fly my own marauder.

Marauders are not going away in PVE.

Marauders are still the KING in PVE. I have and still recommend anyone doing lv4s to skill into any marauder.

Stop crying over E-war loss. You will be fine. Yes, missions and ratting will be more annoying but that is so minor given the benefits marauders bring in PVE. Only ones who are crying over this are the min/maxers who want every drop of efficiency on their ships.

You want peak HS PVE? Go fly Incursions.

I tell you what. Every patch we will have the whiners and the fake outrage. Come back to this topic 1-3 months from now and no one will care. People will play people will make more ships and life in New Eden moves on.

It will be entertaining to watch the outrage, so I got my :popcorn: :wine_glass: ready.


Railgun Kronos, Easypeasy Spike sniping from 150km. Damps not even an issue. Finished in like 15 minutes on the first attempt. Can surely be optimized in runtime by knowing the spawn locations and which ships to shoot first, because when all dampers are removed, you can jump back in to closerange and finish everything else off with Javelin. When the Kronos gets its 5th medslot it will be even easier because you can simply fit a Sebo II in there, Range script vs. Serpentis, ECCM vs Guristas.

FunFact: didn’t even need the Repper once. :rofl:

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It’s a Raven101 post, why even put in the effort to react in a serious manner.

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Marauders are overpowered.

What is wrong with you? no key feature has been deleted.

Ratting in a marauder will be unchanged.

If you want to 1v1 me in a marauder with you in a T1 battleship, I would be glad to show you that marauders are not T1 battleships.

  1. Marauders are not immune to EWAR for a while now.
  2. Just like before the patch - with 2000 DPS.

Oh noes! Not the ECM that makes you target only the ones that are jamming you! Oh wait…you already are targeting them and can blap them. How long ago have you ratted?


Well the patch hasnt dropped yet, so this was pointless

So once the patch drops, it will be better since Rails are getting buffed.

It was pure coincidence that one of the next missions I got was the Serpentis Blockade. (Needed Gallente LP anyway, with Rokh and Kronos buffed, people will buy more Fed Navy Magstabs ^^). So I just put Rails on it and tried, was as easy I as I expected. And with the Patch it will be even easier (+1 Sebo, Rails buffed).

Well this will be interesting I guess. I suppose switch the paladin to beam lasers and MJD out past 150 and just decline the missions that might not be feasable to do in. I suppose getting that far out will give me reasonable time to react to gankers (truly, do they even have mothers lol). I get it Im a minority player. I cant really rely on my online times on so finding a group to do something is not so easy but L4 missions for an hour or 2 a few times a week were a way to just relax and contribute my $$ each month to the game I love the concept of even if I do not have time to indulge in the meat of it. Paid out through August guess soon will know if they have broken the Paladin for casuals.

Taunt away boys, my dad came back after going for milk though :stuck_out_tongue: