Marauder please CCP, I beg you please ! again

hi CCp. please remove me my lung cancer and my arm cancer !
please CCP can you give my more time to die ? can you give me extra time to die like a gladiator an hero ?

please CCP, remove my “lung cancer” and put One more RIG on my golem !
please CCP remove my “arm cancer” bonus, this “tractor arm” who put my tick rate very down " like cancer" ! Why CCP why I should get some cancer that cost 1000 ISK on the market and give me some “head hach” when I see my " tick rate " when I m farming !??

please CCP I beg You ! for the last time give me “one more” rigs and finaly “one really bonus” for hunters and pvpers !

am i not right? give me reason for what I say!

dude, seriously stop spamming the forums… the marauders are not getting changed… get over it.

who is seriously using marauders for PVP… its main purpose was for PVE L4 missions…