CCP... About FW, way passed the time you overhauled it?

Came back to the FW game after a long break, only to notice how utterly broken it has become, and saying it was broken before is an understatement…

Minmatar is simply getting itself farmed to death, by no less other than the current horde of STABBED Caldari vulture farmers, who, after having killed their own content in their own space against Gallente, decided it would be a good idea to screw it up for everyone elsewhere …

Could CCP, seriously, take a look into this brokenass game mechanic ? Like, anytime ? Before the unavoidable bitter end that this game is clearly headed towards, maybe … ?

Not going anywhere near this game again until somethings done, and likewise for a few people no doubt.


I guess you missed the announcement that they are making ships with warp stabs not able to take FW gates?


^ what he said

yeah but it’s still not enough and it’s a very rough patch. They have to change the thing and make it more entartaining too instead of just trying to cure one cancer that will be replaced by another one (because we all know, farmers will always find a way to bot…ehhemmm to farm, I meant to farm)

You know
Curing cancer isn’t done in one step overnight :stuck_out_tongue:
Be patient (I don’t FW for the record)

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Indeed, CCP is playing whack a mole, essentially, with all the things that need to get fixed, plus adding new moles (new content) on top of that. It’s pretty good that they actually managed to give some kind of a whack on the mole you care about!

According to their keynote at fanfest, taking care of existing content and balance is becoming more of a priority, so hopefully they can whack things more often…

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Bad comparison.

The implication is that people are working on a cure. A cure that would destroy a multi billion, multinational corporate empire.

No…unlike FW in a space game, cancer will never be “cured”. But there will always be super expensive treatments for its symptoms.

OT, I know. But I’ve had too many friends and family duped by the cancer industry not to get a little angry when I see the propaganda.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

CCP is in an almost impossible position, largely because of how engaged they are with the community because either:

  1. They disagree with what needs fixing, or
  2. They agree with the community on what needs fixing

In the case of 1, it doesn’t really matter what we say. If they don’t think it’s broke, then there’s no fix coming.

In the case if 2, what becomes the priority that suits all of the community? FW is broken, jump fatigue is broken, ship balance is broken, tiericide on modules is broken, Wardecs are broken, bumping is broken, ganking is broken, cloaky camping is broken, Citadels are broken, sov is broken, highsec is broken, wormholes are broken, nullification is broken, mining is rubbish, PvE is rubbish, bots are everywhere…and that’s broken.

These are all claims we regularly see just here in the forum, let alone reddit, discord, slack, eve news sites and twitter.

They can only do so much to appease an ever whining community of players.

I may be wrong but I think was the one who started this practice back in 14’. I fit stabs to a ship while plexing to be a dick cause I usually, and still do, die to 1 on 1 fights. So I’d boost my chance to farm up a plex in quiet systems by being able to get away to a safe spot if needed. I was poor at the time so it helped me earn some isk.

Funny enough, stabbed farmers are merely profiting off the level of income generation demanded by those who want to keep FW as a viable ‘casual’ career plan.

Its like demanding your neighborhood leave out food for your cats, and then getting mad about an infestation of opossums and racoons.


Some of us do FW for both RP and PVP reasons. We dont want to be part of the mega corps out in the middle of null. Dont want to deal with corps falling apart because of bad leadership or being stabbed in the back by some Real life encounters at some fan fest.

We want the PVP pure and simple with an actual “lore” behind it. We also want CCP to acknowledge that FW is a thing instead of forgetting about it. We miss the one off FW events that happened that gave us awards, medals and actual story fluff added to the universe.


I agree with you there, Scip. Though, the game is getting older and the issues or so called issues become a catalyst for complaint.

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I’ve been for a while in these FWs. Sure, yeah. Something is required to do with this and CCP noticed this. At least, at Fanfest 2018 they promised to fix this.

You know, there are different ‘wave groups’ in FW, which affects it in own way,: rookie wave, factional roleplaying wave, LP business conglomerate, other minorities. Traditionally, in each FW zone their influence is different and balanced by creating some sort of phase shifts. Like last 12 months their efforts have a folded ‘sharp’ effect, which leads to this Faction Warfare Madness - farming grounds of LP. Rookie wave can’t survive ISK sunk at T1, so they’ll change side to T4,T5 or will leave FW under bad standings. Local FW roleplayers, having hundred of millions of LP, will ignore ‘beacon colliders’ by doing small PVP clashes and by waiting until the local LP ratio will turn from 500ISK/LP to 1500ISK/LP. Moreover, they can’t change the situation. The LP business conglomerate (ALTS from everywhere), by having FW ALTS in each faction, will play this game like stock brokers - buy cheap (farm a lot of cheap LP) / sell expensive (while the LP origin is at T1). I even not mentioning some sort of mercenaries involved in it. From my experience, as a PVP game play the T3 (with weekly T2 or T4 standing intervals) level is the best, while other Tiers leads to FW stagnation.

The Caldari should be interested in their T5 zone. The Caldari is at T5 currently. By spending 3-4 hours per day in conquering FW it’s 550000 LP/day. Weekly average is 4M LP -> 4M * 1500 = 6B ISK/week per character Omega or Alpha!

Don’t you think that perhaps there’s a fundamental problem wiith low-sec? That being low-sec players will shoot anything and anything for the lol’s. When one spend hours on end smartbombing shuttles and capsules the question that really begs to be asked is how low-sec is actually trying to generate content here? If it wasn’t for FW low-sec would be a veritable wasteland.

Do low-sec players understand the concept of “scorched earth”? When you burn everything down it’s not going to suddenly spring up again…

If low-sec was smart they’d start offering protection and renting out regions for high-sec players to run L5s and mine. Give them free access to repairs/sanctuary at Citadels and watch the ISK roll in.

Why rent L5’s when you can do it yourself? It’s not like they can deny access to the agents since anyone can dock in lowsec (except for FW systems and their associated militia).


The worst gate smartbombers I met in Providence and Immensea. The worst gatecamps I met almost in all Null-Sec ‘cross-regional’ pipeline systems. Among the worst was a ‘gatecamp’ at U-QVWD – OSHT-A gate, when I jumped from Curse I met an entire TEST fleet redboxing my Stiletto - a case when your 1.8sec align time Interceptor can be damaged to Hull in Warp.

Most Null-Sec systems are farming grounds with entire ALT BlueDonut community around, while almost all those alliance members are living in Hi-Sec systems and doing business at Jita. For independent solo or small groups there is nothing to do there. They’ll not survive even in most Null-Sec Pirate regions. There is not possible to fly something bigger than a Destroyer there, without being in a big fleet.

The Low-Sec is great for different pilots with great opportunities. There is piracy, FW, L4 and L5 missions possible, a lot of stations to dock or create temporary home, the best place for solo and small gang PVP, good paths to fly to Null-Sec or Hi-Sec or WH.

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This is an issue. I have seen enough players drop out of FW because after a few weeks they are flat broke. Because of the T1 plummet caused by LP farming alts. I went into FW with the idea that I wasnt going to fly anything worth more than 10mil isk on average. This makes life a whole lot more sustainable. But I see a lot of noobs trying to keep up with the current OP meta of pirate faction ships being the flavor dejour for most fights. So they blow 50-70mil isk on a hull then fit it as best they can then get popped by some non-FW pirate player in a better ship with a pod worth 1.2bil. And quickly find themselves broke.

It can be frustrating to newbs and vets alike.

A 40m fit cruiser in a off plex medium at LP3 nets 50k, do a few of those and its a lot of isk.

The interesting thing about it, is that many of those rookie FW pilots aren’t even interested in it LP profit, it LP market manipulations and so on. I was in many of those sites with them by trying to conquer Medium or Large Outposts with our little fleet of frigates. No one was interested into LP sharing mechanics at that moment. They was interested to take part into this game, to take that ‘point’. It’s some sort of LoL, DOTA, WoW thinking - play for fun, play for wins.

Well, maybe only the FW players knows exactly how expensive is that daily activity. It’s not that case when you losing a 500M ISK BS once per month into big battles.

With Frigates under 10M ISK the weekly sink vary between 250 - 350M ISK, on relatively active game style. It depends by PVP skills, but frigates are so easy to lost like bullets.

With T1 Cruiser this sink can reach to 1B ISK.

With T1 BC and above IDK, but it can reach to 3-10B ISK/week. Mostly, it depends by ship class, its T2 or pirate and installed modules. The bigger is the ship, the much more expensive and quality modules must be installed.

You are correct that that for some 10m ISK ships can total up to 200-300m ISK a week. That is if you lose 4 ships a day, every day for 7 days.