Massive Marauder nerf and what to do?

Keep hearing in game missions channel of massive nerfs to marauders coming in fall to make them act like T3 destroyers??

Can only have one buff active at time damage, travel, or defense. No more ewar immunity and loss of weapons multiplier bonus 4 guns == 8 etc

WTF is going on here?? Why is this necessary and cant they leave us mission runners alone!!

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Because they can’t leave gankers alone?

what?? no one talking about gankers we are talking about runing ships for players.

in anticipation i try redo with dominix sentry sniper but it is WORTHLESS now all drone AI is changed and nonstop targeting of drones and nonstop scoop and redeploy for zero fun gameplay. CCP WHY

They ruined the procurer and what I used it for. Removing 3 midslots and giving it an ehp buff was the worst thing ever.

Now I can’t bait with it anymore.

If ccp is trashing mining ships, why not mission running ships?

yes this is what we are talking about. CCP RUINING SHIPS FOR NO REASON


Curious about the basis of those rumors (they’re entirely possible, we’ve seen it happen before).

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This was discussion with many people in missions channel after some CCP streamer event. They say CCP not happy with marauder use in PVP so nerfs for everyone

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Certainly not the 1st time CCP has nerfed the many because of the few.

Indeed, because no one has put their minds to it to come up with a counter doctrine yet. If only they were as eager to fix their bugs as they are in taking away whatever is left of the toys. We see the occasional marauders in the ESI’s, yes, they do get killed.

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^^^ that ^^^

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I try to cut the dev’s some slack. There’s only how many of them vs how many of us baby seal clubbing psychopaths?

And not knowing what abuse is happening, I can only postulate a scenario. If the abuse is only happening in null, then make a restriction on the ship while in that type of space, not nerf bat the ship.


the CCP say it happen in null and wormhole but everyone must be punished

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What did I just say? I’ve been in the game a long time.

Then turn off a feature of the ship in that space.

Btw, that would take effort and out of the box thinking. I can only go by CCP’s past track record. :laughing:

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More info in missions channel came in.

When new marauder is in DPS mode it act like polarized and sets all ship resists to 0

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Because Money

Obviously the price hike is having adverse effects and anyone that is actually making isk in this game is now an enemy of the state.
Just three short months ago Hateless showed us how to farm Trigs by multiboxing marauders.
Obviously some people watched this stream and are doing quite well with it.


Keep us up to speed please. Now I don’t know whether to sell them or not? Gonna look just like the T3 swiss cheese they gave me after the change.

This is utter crap and completely unfair to player but CCP RATTATI always screw everyone.

Hateless may be in coordination with CCP for nerfs

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Now we have 2 theories. Anything to back up either statement? If I don’t ask, others will…

I am not sure about this Hateless person but clearly they hate players and work with CCP to bring on nerfs.