SO ccp when are u gona nerf this dam ships?? They are crazy cheap and crazy OP , or just make a button , win game … or kill ship … this will solve the problems … if people need mega OP ships to kill some rats … than just make kill all button , so u clik it and evrything dies in 1 sec …
I dont know CCP what are u trying to do with this crazy OP ships… if u want all people to quit the game , just shut down the server and problem solve.

when 1 cheap t1,t2 fited marauder can easy kill 4 blingy fited pirate faction BS ships than something is very wrong … and not just kill the pirate bs ships but over power them so they have no chance to do anything… like the f ??? this is kinda simular to that button …

Im pretty sure it was nerfed shortly after it was buffed.

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Yes, the fitting of the pirate faction BS is wrong. Case closed.


Link the killmails. We’ll tell you what you did wrong.

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CCP already nerfed bastion you are a few patches late.

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Bigger ships should be an order of magnitude more powerful than a smaller ship… im curious what happened

Thats not how that works. A bigger ship would have a harder time killing something small

The only reason i can see this being the case is if the small ship is fast and hard to hit. But then the small ship would also have a hard time hitting anything. But come to think of it large naval ships has an arsenal of weapons, they can even destroy incoming planes.

But in most cases the bigger ship or vehicle has such thick armor or powerful shields that the weapons of the smaller ship just cant penetrate it. Thats how things actually work except in EVE online in most cases. Im sure there is a good reason for that.

You froget… Smallships have ranges longer than these bigger ships. They can simply kite and orbit at 1-2k m/s and avoid nearly everything except torps/cruise that would deal no damage.

Frigates are known as “wolfpacks” they hunt together to take down “whales” aka battleships and larger.

Most frigates will never come close to 15-20+km and be webbed as that means instant death anyways.

No ! They just “reset” their buff with the 30s bastion timer.

But maybe you could say they removed the e-war immunity… thats true but as i remember correctly was this before they “nerfed” the 30s timer to 60s !

And the biggest issue with marauder are the ROF bonus that they do 100% more dmg in bastion … this is to much !

In general the OP is correct but 4 pirate BS vs 1 marauder does not mean the 4 pirate BS should always win !

What pirate BS vs. what marauder?
What were the fits? Bling doesn’t necessarily mean good fit.

For an example, a 2 or 3 XLASB vargur is a hell of a nut to crack, but 4 vindis should be able to just DPS it down when he’s forced into reload if they can hold tank against the “staggering” 2600 DPS a perfectly skilled vargur with a t2 burst rig and 4 t2 gyros can put out.

If it wasn’t a vargur or golem, then lack of neuts is probably the big thing to blame, as the strong active tank of a good marauder is scarily cap hungry and can be broken with good neut pressure since most faction BS have at least one utility high.

Remember, neuts were always the bane of marauders. Once they run out of cap it’s over. There are ways to counter marauders.

Neuts, ECM, Kiting mainly and ofc other marauders lol.


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