Nerf Marauders but properly!

Warp … speed? Seriously? You think this is a problem?
Problem is that thing has everything and at the same time = tank, dps, projection.
Imagine - your ROF is twice higher in bastion mode.

So, number of option could address that and here are few:

1)) Leave everything “as is” but reduce bonuses from bastion at 33%

2)) Make bastion - scripted module with two types of scrips - “sharpshooter”, which boosts damage and projection; and “defender”, which boosts repping power and resists. Activation time can be the same - 60sec.

Warp speed nerf is a joke and only shows that devs aren’t playing the game hard enough! Shame! Please, re-do!

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I agree with the point on warp speed. As for nerfing Bastion, I think the simplest solution is to add a T2 variant that has the same current bonuses and a nerfed T1 variant. And both should require fuel, IMHO (along with a fuel bay).

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Where did the poor marauder hurt you?


Oh just wait until the bastion module comes with a warp speed bonus.

Can’t see it.

Marauders are a cluster ■■■■ and CCP is making the same mistake again and again by making things too complicated. Why do they have bastion modules in the first place?

The bastion module gives players the choice of being immobile for higher dps, which has lead to lots of them being used for ratting and lots being hunted/caught, so has generated content.

What do you propose they do if they scrap bastion, because then its just another t1 battleship.


Was there anything wrong with T1 battleships?

Nothing specifically wrong with T1 battleships, they have a place, but marauders bring some variation instead of just more of the same, although T1 battleships are pretty rubbish by comparison for a lot of the higher escalations.

Perhaps you could clarify your previous post, since you’ve made quite a strong statement with no reasoning given?

Give every ship bastion modules

OK, well since you’re not actually going to explain your opinion to enable a discussion, all the best with it.

Until the next “idea”…

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Im not sure where the confusion is. Manufacturing a Maruader is complicated, the ship bonuses are complicated, the Bastion module is complicated. Do you not agree its complicated or do think it being complicated is a good thing. Or something else. Maybe you can be more specific :slight_smile:

Every person who flies a marauder would disagree. So maybe you need to learn how to fly one


Okay then lets add fuel for Bastion modules to the equation as well

But why? Is being immobile and not able to move enough?

Not according to op and first comment

No, but there’s nothing wrong with t2 battleships as a step up, like with t2 cruisers or battlecruisers.
Now, making marauders both really good at DPS and tank is a bit of a tiff, but unless they wanted to add a 3rd flavor of t2 battleships, or further increase the power of the tank aspect, they didn’t have much but more DPS to add when they were consistently confronted with pre-ROF bonused bastion and the hulls not feeling all that great for t2 battleships when compared with the leap of t2 cruisers over t1.

This is just absurd and trollposting, even by your standards.

They’re not that complicated, though they are a bit more labor intensive to build and have a few extra options in how to fit them.


I’d propose this over fuel

  • T2 bastion module with most of current stats, 40% ROF bonus for a ~34% nerf to damage in bastion. Lock it on marauder 5, probably
  • T1 bastion module with a 20-25% resistance bonus, 75% sensor strength buff, and 20% range bonuses, but full raw rep bonus and the same ECM resists, and 25% ROF bonuses
  • this leaves room between the moderately OP current and the then current version for a faction or other more potent version that’s really close to current or potentially hihger. Maybe a 2-3b NPC sell order for per BPC as a sink, since PVErs will still go for it at the top end but it’ll tone down pvp marauders as desired.

It didnt… i killed it

Marauders are still too strong and crying about a 0.5 AU/s warpspeed nerf is … hilarious.

And I am on board with Bastion Mode needing fuel, because all the other immobilizing special-modes (Indu Core, Siege, Triage, even Cynos) also do need fuel. Bastion Mode shouldn’t be an exception because unjustified exceptions are simply bad design. It isn’t even nessessary to make that overly complex, just add a fuel bay and make it large enough to hold fuel for like 50 cycles. Including warps and aligns that will result in about 1 hour of bastion usage, reserve fuel could be stored in the normal cargohold for a second hour if the pilot is willing to use that space for additional fuel. Large Marauder fleets on “deployment” should take care of some haulers for refueling, justified by the immense power they represent.

And yes, I do fly Marauders, all of them. They are still too strong compared to FactionBS.

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Rather than nerfing Marauders further, I’d like to see some moderate buffs to Pirate and Navy hulls.

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