Bastion Module timer

Now i don’t know about others but i find the increase in Bastion Module timer for the marrauder class ships pretty anoying when it comes to do missions… Pre patch it was ok but now it messes with my ISK/h.


then use it better … you know the original time of bastion was 60 seconds ? oO

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So you are saying you can clear an entire mission room in under 30 seconds pre patch?

I am 110% sure there are mission rooms where this is impossible and requires at least 60 seconds.

There are players in this game who can’t even run a lv 4 mission and someone at the top of the food chain when it comes to HS PVE telling us about his first world problems. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

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Just end your Bastion Mode early enough and you won’t have any problems. And if you really don’t like it, just use another ship that gets you more ISK/h when doing missions. Oh, there is none? Well, I can feel your pain of already using the best tool available for the job. It’s so hard to endure, CCP should definitely REFUND you for having to run missions in a 3k DPS ship.

FunFact: When L4 Missions were designed, the hardest ones were doable in a normal battleship in 30-45 minutes. Or a really pimped Maelstrom a bit faster. But normal ships needed huge tank and good knowledge about Group-Aggro, the fewest ones could withstand Stage-Aggro for more than a minute. You also needed huge capacitor amounts because you really needed to tank for a LONG TIME. I frequently have the idea that using Bastion Modules should make you suspect, to balance out all the ISK/h and LP inflation over the years. Shall people use FactionBS again as top-of-the-line ship and Marauders are only for the brave and those who dare to leave HighSec. EVE would be a better game.


While I agree that this a bad change, stating that it messes with your ISK/h is a poor argument.

It is a bad change because it is a lazy one, won’t fix where there is a problem they themselves identified, while making it worse for everyone else

its the best change ever to fix the bastion cycle … and i dont care about the stupid cryhards which beliefe they “loose” a ton of isk/h

it would be a perfect change if they would also reduce or eliminate the hullbonus for Shield Extender and Plates on Marauders because this is stupid to field a ship with 500k+ EHP ( subcapital )

ah before i forget the most important part … why the ■■■■ we are speaking about ISK/h on a ship thats used to dominate battlefields ?

I like this for all battleships. Doesn’t matter for PVE but has its PVP implications I guess… But a marauder w/o damage lows is not that entirely scary. Trade tank for dps and vice versa as the game is intended. A marauder with all damage lows and no application mids is not that scary also. It’s called balance. All CCP did was open up more weaknesses to marauders. But still kept the high tank/high dps of the ships.

Just saying something is stupid = it’s bad is a weak argument lol

Actually, before the bastion changes some months ago, all marauders were used for was really PVE. They weren’t even used in incursions before this whole entire buff XD So really their only use was missions and other specific PVE like it.

Until very recently they are and still are used for PVP right now.

Just saying marauders COMPLETELY changed isk/hr in incursions from 120mil/hr to at least 250mil/hr and high as 300mil/hr. So YES, we talk about their PVE applications as they are the best ships (subcap wise) to do PVE in right now.

I rarely see Marauders on grid during a fight. I don’t frequent null so that might be the exception. Big expensive ships in low sec are trophies that a well experienced group in small ships can take down quickly. Couple times I’ve seen Marauders used as a last defense of a station bash. Problem was, the Marauders cost more than the station.

actualy i see i dont have the mood to talk with you, talk with a noob who only runs PvE and dont know anything about PvP …

rarely ? wty bro … since the marauder got buffed to heaven and the 30 second bastiom timer they were everywhere and the dominant part of the fleet oO

if you not participate in PvP then you cant see this ship class in PvP that is absolut correct …

marauders are actualy the content killer because everybody drop a dozen of them in all fights

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Yet you responded. And yet you did not dispute marauders were used purely for PVP before the entire change with bastion module.

So any ship is a content killer if they drop a bunch at once? What about dropping 30 dreads on a gank? Is that a content killer by your definition?

I can sense a lot of just anger coming from a person… Someone who maybe just unhappy with their PVP career or what they have done in EVE. I am content with what I do. I got some experience in public PVP fleets. Spectre fleet is pretty fun! Check them out sometimes. Might learn a thing or two :wink:

You know what? In 3-4 months, you are still going to be playing the game and being all happy with your friends in EVE :slight_smile: Peace be with you.

if any ship would do about 2,5k DPS with 500k+ EHP then it wouldnt matter but yes, THIS shiptype is a content killer because every fight we could found they dropped us with 2-4 armor marauders and we, as an “newbro” corp with shieldbased doctrines cant fight heavy armor gangs with a bunch of marauders … it was hard enough before they got buffed to heaven to fight against a heavy armor setup but for now its nearly impossible.

and now lets compare the PvP carreers …
Anthony FatTony Amico | Character | zKillboard you
Vuhdo Rin | Character | zKillboard me

maybe it looks a bit different ?

CCP has opened up E-war weaknesses on marauders and they were always valuable to heavy neuts. This is undisputable, and a wise FC will bring E-war and neuts to counter marauder-based fleets.

Relax and enjoy your PVP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seem really angry atm with the changes.

Duh? Armor is pretty much the king of PVP. Decent Damage high application. Shields are not ideal for PVP. This is no secret.

Always think about the newbros! Always think of the children :laughing: You know what? CCP balances things based on the current meta. They do not just cater to the newbros of EVE. Seems you gotta change your doctrines.

Fitting citation needed? I never seen a 500k ship that deals that much damage. Going to have to educate me on that one.

Zkillboard is not an entire picture especally with people who have alts/past mains :wink:

I really hope you get more intel on people than just zkill :rofl:

then dont be a scrub and post with your main… otherwise this shitty char is your main and you have no idea what you are talking about. and you HAVE NO idea what you are talking about :wink:


Can’t address my points need to attack me personally. Shows how strong your argument is.

Still waiting on that 500k EHP marauder fit that can deal 2.5k DPS.

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And yes, there are people flying these things like that. Their point is to have so much eHP that they can unleash their full DPS during the fight and drop out of bastion and get saved by Logi when they become primary.


Fyi before you try to make it a habit, using zkill to troll is against forum rules.

Zkill shouldn’t be the basis for folks understanding of the game.

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Thx that’s all I wanted to learn about. I knew it would be an armor fit. I bet shields can reach somewhere close to that also.

Learn something new every day as they say.

Naughty naughty. Covered up before i could see what lame words you used

because it is used in farming high class wormhole sites, and CCP itself quoted this use as reason for the nerf, not large battlefields