Bastion module upgrade

I wasn’t sure the best place for this thread so general it is.

For those not familiar with the bastion mod, I will list some high lights. When turned on it locks you in place, cant move till its turned off. But it provides a very nice buff to tank, range, and immune to jamming of all types besides the new invasion rats for some reason. So its basically like battlefield artillery.

Purpose of this thread is to get some opinions on something new I discovered. Despite being stuck in place you can still be bumped.

I understand bumping is a common mechanic used by some daily. There seems to be little to nothing to avoid it short of getting out of the way.

I think it’s time to have at least one way to avoid this. When bastion mode is on that ship acts like a station or asteroid, ships just bounce off.

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I didn’t know you could be bumped, good to know, but so can dreadnoughts in siege I suppose?

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What either benefit or drawback does this create?

you dropped a mobile tractor , entered bastion , someone bumped you out of range of the tractor and blew it up …
what do i win ? :slight_smile:


Well the benefit would to have at least one way to avoid being bumped. Today I was bumped away from my MTU so I cant scoop it and then it was destroyed.

No big deal, but it got me thinking, so here this thread. Just curious on the community’s take on it. Should the unmovable ship in bastion mode also be immune to bumping?

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Lol. :medal_sports:

Isnt orbitting a way to avoid being bumped?

And are you suggesting it should be available to more types of ship? I ask because I cant imagine how you could be bumped out of range if you were using any of the ships that can use one.

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Using a Kronos and I was bumped effectively by a cruiser.

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Uh… okay…

Sorry I have literally no idea how that could happen.

Definetly a big fat no!

The Bastion Module is crazy powerful already as it is…

Making marauders unbumpable in bastion mode means you can sit in bastion mode near a gate or a station… tank like a capital ship while maintaining in jump or dockig range with no drawbacks.

The whole MTU thing is not an issue anyway if you pay some attention. If you drop an MTU and sit next to it in bastion mode, you have enough time to just scoop it before you get bumped, unless of course you pay no attention to what you are doing.


I agree with the OP, it should not be possible to bump a ship in Bastion Mode (or Siege Mode if this is a thing too).

The mechanics should treat a ship with an active Bastion/Siege Module like a station or asteroid, so long as the module is active.

On a side note, I’d love to see the chaos this could make on the Jita undock. Just picture MWd fit Machariels playing pinball with a bastioned Marauder and freighters bouncing everywhere. Oh, the beautiful chaos! :smiling_imp:

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But then could a pair or more of bastion marauders not effectively trap another ship in basically an immovable prison of bastion-using hulls?

could a pair or more of bastion marauders not effectively trap another ship in basically an immovable prison of bastion-using hulls?

I would classify that as a feature!


Also, does the current Bastion work with or against that Warp thing Command Destroyers do?

Agree if I was running a mission. As I was killing invasion rats, having other players around is normal.

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Another answer would be to have the MTU cargo window open and when you get bumped, hit Loot All


Yes, undocking is already an annoying issue at times. An odd mix of going through ships or bouncing off. As I agree it would be fun to see the chaos, I think an already needed solution would solve murauders blocking and the current issue. Just allow ships to pass through each other for about 10 to 20 km from a station. Or at least the major trade hubs.

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And what drawbacks are there for bumping?

Oh and I believe bastion mode prevents you from docking, and possibly using gates.

Yep, just tested it. You get a weapons timer when its activated. So for one minute after bastion mode is turned off you are unable to dock. That sounds like a vulnerability.

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I find it unlikely. First the marauders would have to move into position without bumping each other, while leaving no space to escape, then activating bastion mode.

I imagine there are easier ways to trap and kill a target.

As for using it for grieving, well that fits in well with bumping then. :wink:

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Just looked at dreads and marauders in Pyfa. Dreads in siege have their mass increased by a factor of 10. Bastioned marauders do not. This could be why you are so easily bumped.