Force Field for Preventing Bumping (limited)

So, I had this idea a while back, and it needs a good deal of polish, but, here goes.

A mid-slot module that can only be fit to Industrials / Freighters / DST / etc.

Upon activation, it dumps the ship’s full cap into generating a high speed expanding force field that pushes nearby ships out of a 20km range of it and allows it to warp say, 0.2 AU in it’s current direction.

To prevent market bombing, it can not be activated within grid of a station.

As an added measure, much like, say, an invuln core, after use, it turns to scrap. One time use, and make em some kind of tech2 inverse tractor beam so they’re nice and pricey.

Needs work, like I said, but, what do you think?

Thats kinda … really strong for just one mid. I can see the new bowling that could happen in fleet fights. The visions the horrors. It sounds like some kind of fleet ewar module for a mom or titan even then physical relocation of enemy vessels is waay over the top. The aoe micro jumpdrive for the destroyers only teleports friendly ships for a reason.

It’s far from perfect, but giving Indi’s MJD is not much better. I just went that direction since I couldn’t find a similar post anywhere.

Bumping is soo much a part of the game engine I doubt they could remove it if they wanted too. Same as target obstruction by other ships and asteroids. You can snipe dudes through asteroids and other ships in fleet fights. Hauling should be dangerous because there is money in the box and someone is gonna want to pop your pinata to scoop the loot.

Sorry, what?

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I get that. But just because you want indu’s on auto farm, doesn’t mean other’s don’t want to pursue innovative approaches to protecting their loot.

@Chocolate_Pickle The items are Micro Jump Field Generators command destroyer can fit em. Dont work in highsec tho.

They also don’t just jump friends. They jump every unscrammed ship within range and even bombs.

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He never got too close to the enemy lines so … only teleport friends

Back on topic though, there should be some sort of way to avoid bumping to at least a small extent as a one-time ISK sink. I don’t think letting haulers use MJD is a good idea personally, and granted the “push wave” bit might be a bit much, but, perhaps a modification of that idea?

A Force Field generator that, while it can not push nearby ships out, ships that are already out of its field can not enter while it is running?

Same basic limitations. One time use, destroyed on use, let’s the ship jump a short distance by eating cap. etc etc

It doesn’t necessarily “fix” anything, but it does “provide an alternative”, in this case being, not so much the escape act, but rather, a time buyer of sorts to call for backup, because, honestly, a stranded hauler 0.2 AU from the gank fleet is going, where exactly?

Fit your ships correctly. All ships can get into warp in seven seconds or less. It’s astoundingly hard to get bumped in that time.

Wow, I need whatever fit you are using to get an Orca / any freighter / any DST into warp in 7 seconds. I must have missed some entire string of skills because all of mine are well over a minute.

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Do you play Star Fleet Battles perchance?

That is SO cool :slight_smile:

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There are many ways to avoid bumping already.

Its possible to get a freighter into warp in 3-4 seconds with the help of a friend.

Why not make it so that if a ship of a certain mass exceeds a given speed level, it merely passes through objects rather than collides? There’s something similar involved with toasters being limited to 4km/s max speed, as well as ships eventually warping off after bouncing off something for some time.

Rip Jita undock
Rip Amarr undock
Rip Dodi undock

Rip all the other people in freighters that don’t carry an obscene amount of isk in their freighter (yes this one is exagerated, but you get the picture)

This is more abusable than any previous “nerf” to bumping

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I’m not really sure this serves a purpose. You can already make most ships unbumpable, or at least very difficult to bump by fitting a prop-mod to shorten the time to warp, or a MJD. Only (most) freighters don’t have that option because they don’t have mid-slots except for one, the Bowhead, which when fit with a MWD that is actually used, is harder to bump.

The downsides of giving players a module that can throw other ships around are significant. Gankers would use these to prevent people from docking, and incursion runners might suffer from a whole new level of grief. There was a reason the Command Destroyers were not allowed to move players around in highsec, and I don’t see CCP wanting to add another module that could do so.


I think that some clever player will come up with a way to use this that you did not intend and will produce considerable salt on the forums…

Seriously, try to find a way to abuse this…or prevent it from being used. For example, it cannot be used on grid with a station. What about a citadel?

In fairness it would not work if you are on the same grid as a station…