Marauder changes

i missed the news about these changes and cant seem to find the notes. can anyone help?

Bastions of War news article


Patch notes for the Bastions of War update


Side note/advice of if you use the newer feature of hard to probe sig ratio in bastion running an MTU may be something you not want to do. YOUr BS is now hard to find. That MTU is screaming “There are probably HERE!”.

Some like them, persona call that as always. I only got kronos recently for the hard to probe aspect. Drop in, blow stuff up blaster style, leave. Basic salvage on the kronos or of late I just run a few tractors to make clusters of wreck. FLy in the noctis later with lots of salvagers. I usually build up say 4 missions. If lucky its only 1 to 2 systems worked over

Personal call there as well. My noctis has been setup salvage rigged for years. Makes salvage runs go real fast with faster hits on the salvage beams. Also if scanned down and jumped and lost the noctis has paid for itself many times over.

MY kronos I am still making payments on so to speak lol. It hasn’t made the isk spent on it yet. So I like to limit its exposure to mission runs only for the minimal time needed. others do it different, pick what works for you as always.

duuude…almost 150k lp in less than 24h 2k dps sure helps lol. and i wonder what lvl 5 could do

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Yeah…marauders can be like ATM’s. Press some keys, get paid lol.

I even got the wrong armor rig on mine and like my kronos. A very expensive trimark II buy instead of nanopump. Wasn’t paying attention, that’s on me.

Since an expensive mistake I ride it out. I’ve settled on just mwd once small crap killed, switch to void over null and go off like a sawn off shotgun. Or MJD if range right.

Buffer gives some, well buffer, on the mwd rush in, hit bastion and work the boosted reps on a deadspace AR and make some wrecks fast.

Get to replacing it at some point maybe.

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