Pre Marauder, similar ships to try

I’m trying to compare and decide between a Kronos and a vargur. (I have access to golem on another character, so wanting a turret marauder to round out).

So, what would you fly to test out and compare what it’s like flying a Kronos or vargur? Looking at fits and ships, seems like I could try a vindicator and a machariel for similar ships. Does this seem right? Also, any example fits for these or others would be appreciated.

Will be running L4s in minmatar space.

Vindicator was the other option over Kronos back before marauder changes. For the cost it was sometimes better depending on who you asked. I like kronos a lot more these days though.

Can’t speak much for vargur/mach. Thing is vargur you’d bastion up alot so it not be like a machariel. Machariel is more run and gun that I ahve seen it. You keep it floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

Minmatar space sees all the rats so you will se it work whatever. Minmatar would better handle angels ofc with better ammo specificity.

My kronos runs in caldari space. Still sees all the rats and I can’t complain. Kronos’ edge, for me, is its lazy ammo picking. I run null/void only. Possibly not the most isk efficient (some get picky to save their iskies here) way. I like cut and dry and easy so I am happy.

Test server also so an option as well to save isk on the real server to experiment so keep that in mind.

Either path you’d also be playing with MJD possibly. While not a fun level 5 skill I will say I am happy I trained it for my kronos. I MJD around alot. So shorter cooldowns (over marauder bonus) is liked alot.

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So maybe a tanky AC maelstrom would be a better comparison? Ya, I know machariel is a faster speed tank ship, but I’ve seen fits for the mach and vargur that looked similar.

Do you have a vindi fit?

2400+ dps sniper paladin… nuff said…


The varg has bonus to tracking, range, DPS, etc.

The only “issue” is its low range on AC. below 40km you rather use barrage than hail. it also means that using falloff rigs is very important.

other mods are large cab battery, PCT XLSB, MJD, MWD, DC, 3gyros.

Nothing but a marauder, because ECM immunity is huge TBH.


And other options here make the marauder price not so bad.

Racial sensor implants help but are pricey and limit a clone’s flexibility. I have a HG talon clone. Great in caldari/gurista boats against gurista rats. Useless in everything else besides really expensive +4 stats for training lol.

HG’s get pricey at times. The sticker shock intensifies as you move you up the greek alphabet. That clone is old so I can say I got my money out of them. Got them for the long lost days of unprobable t3. HG’s in todays eve…not so sure a buy for me. Others it be their money, do whatever.

I may get LG spurs or the char destined to be the forever Kronos pilot when/if this char leaves empire. Only to push that hard to probe number as best I can.

Or…gimp the dps a bit and run a sig amp. I want any new friends looking for me to really want to find me.

I paid for the ship. They can pay for good skills and sisters gear and sisters ship/ pro covert ops lol.