Could the Vargur or Machariel do Sansha 10/10s effectively?

At first I was going to use a semi blingy out x-type large shield booster/AB Tengu but I heard that is very slow, my other option with my skills are Vargur or Machariel or Kronos, since they are weak to EM I am guessing the Kronos is a bad option. I also heard that ACs on the Vargur and Machariel are lackluster vs Sansha due to ranges when they orbit at 50km. Just curious if anyone has experience doing Sansha 10/10s with Vargur or Machariel? And how much better are the Golem and Paladin which I won’t be able to fly for a minute because of skills. Really asking should I just not attempt them until I can fly them or will they still be somewhat profitable while training to Paladin. Thanks!

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The Kronos is strong against EM (weakest against explosive), but any Marauder will excel period. Be prepared to brick it, though - as even T2 fits attract gankers due to their high cost.

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Not sure bricking it is the best advice considering DED 10/10 is in nullsec therefore suicide ganks aren’t a concern. If he gets caught while in bastion in nullsec, he is almost certainly dead, brick or not.

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You should take in consideration, that sansha mobs use tracking disrupters. That significantly reduce effective range of turrets cause effects stuck.

Best options for 10/10 are paladin and golem.
Paladin a bit better cause effectively strip frigates and cruisers at long range.

Your best option def Vargur. You just need MJD to “triangle” jumps to gates and tons of t1 EMP ammo. In unfriendly space we use t3 (Loki or Tengu, and Loki better against Sansha ofc) but they way slower as you mention. Also aware alpha strike from a tower in last room.

I know a guy that uses Vargur just for everything in Sansha space. Polarised version for green combat sites, usual for 6/10, 10/10, fast version for belt&agent run, cap stable double battery for officer and capitals strip. I guess he even use his Vargur as a knife when eat stakes and take it to the bed to feel safe when sleeping.


reminds me this:


I guess armor vargur should be decent there

Golem is awesome

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