Tengu 10/10 Sansha Fit?

(Error 0fMan) #1

I suck at min/maxing fits and especially with T3C. I’d love to run a Tengu for 10/10. My plan is to run two Tengu HAM fits, but everything I google is 1+ year old or before the T3C overhaul. The one fit I found on youtube is meant for Gurista rats.

I’ve also heard Loki is good on a side note but only one of my alts can fly a Loki.

In any case I’m not looking to break the bank here, I want a Tengu <2 bil in cost that can comfortably run 10/10’s. Anyone have any good Sansha fits?


(Trixie Lawless) #2

Take the gurista fit and replace the therm/kinetic wards to any other appropriate damage type and you should be fine.

(Matt Benneth) #3

Use Loki. For last room two em ward fields one thermal Gist x-type large booster HAMS.

(Elemental Darkness) #4

Got a fit?

(Merry Drunk) #5

I’m also looking for a Tengu fit. Where is this Gurista one you mentioned? @Trixie_Lawless

(elitatwo) #6

Your tengu wlll have a hard time doing the Sansha 10/10.

May I suggest a Dominix or Myrmidon instead. Those will have no problem doing the complex.

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