What Ship/Fit To Use For Nullsec Sansha DED Sites

Hey guys!

I’d like to start running DED sites in nullsec Sansha space, but I don’t know which ship I should use. All the information I’ve found is at least two or three years old. My only guess is that I should use a Rattlesnake, Loki, or a Tengu, but I’d like to hear your opinion. So, does anyone know a good ship fit that you can use to solo one of these sites?

Also, which level of DED site is the best regarding isk/h. Some people that I’ve talked with said 6/10 ones but I’m not sure.

Rattlesnake is still amazing, but it sucks to travel with it, so use a T3C.

Both Tengu and Loki work. Tengu has a nice range bonus, but Loki does more dmg, has alot more tank and you can run sites with the covert subsystem, so you are alot safer, if you are getting hunted.

Can you share a fit for the Loki if you have, please?

Over a week now and only one comment with no real help. What a lovely and helpful forum, thanks guys!


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