DED Loki/Tengu ship fits for angel/serpentis 4-8/10

Hey all.

I’m looking for some fits capable of running the DED sites mentioned in the title. Just some background, I’m not a member of any null bloc and I fly completely solo. I travel from high out to low/null so BS aren’t really an option . I’m currently using a stratios running 3-5/10 angel ded’s but want to move on to more difficult stuff.

My highest racial skills are for minmatar and caldari so I can fly the Loki and Tengu best. I’m looking for a fit that can run the highest level possible in say angel space one day, return home to high sec, switch out resists and head into serpentis when I get bored and want to switch it up. I’ve never really played with T3Cs before so I’m trying to get my head around fittings.

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T3C can’t enter the ded 3 / 4

I know. I want a T3C fit that can run the lowest to highest possible whilst filling those parameters. So a fit that can run angel 4-?/10 but also be able to switch out resistances and run serpentis 4-?/10 without costing billions. If it means only a fit that will be able to do 4-6 or something then that’s cool by me.

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if you want a fit that is able to run ALL ded4s , that means your resists should be homogeneous (assuming the rats from various factions deal homogenous damage). That means, a shield-minmatar or an armor-amarr T2 fits (those have very homogeneous resists).
Then since tracking disruption is a thing, you want a missile boat that can’t be shut down by this ewar.

Of course you want a MWD to be able to run the sites efficiently. You won’t be able to targe very far in serpentis sites, so you may use HAM

Therefore the only worthy ship I can think of is the amarr missile hac.

If you want to use more diffficult stuff, then you need a very different approach. ded6+ are not available in HS, so you need a cloak ; and I think ded 8+ are not available in LS, so you want bubble immunity.

You can not do EVERYTHING with the perfect ship. That’s not how the game is designed.

I am not sure at all what this guy is going on about. The answer to your question is not in either of the posts just a bunch of useless words. When I get home from work today if you’re still in need of some advice or fits I can easily help you with them.

The tengu is the perfect ship for what you trying to do. You can carry a mobile depo and easily swap fits in the field. Ideally you would want to fit for travel/exploration and upon finding what you’re looking for drop a depot somewhere safe and refit for combat. Very easy to do in the tengu. The key points of the fits would be interdiction nullifier and covert ops sub systems for the travel fit and chassis optimization and defensive amplification for combat sites.

On mine for angel sites I ran 2 adaptive invulns tech 2 will work but dead space are far better for cap and protection. If you notice a hole in your tank for the dmg type your facing simply switch one out for an active hardener of that type. There is a whole lot more to this and typing on my phone isn’t very productive so like I said if you need more advice I would be happy to help over voice comms. The best advice I can give though is to stay far far away from 8/10s in this type of ship!


i fully agree with all Hadrian’s comments. Tengu is the good choice. Use a mobile depot to refit from "travel fit " (nullified + cloak) to pve fit. You can change rigs on a t3c.
Just a few comments:

  1. i usually run pve sites with an AB rather than a MWD. Your tengu can be cap stable.
  2. the problem for you, if you travel a lot, will be the volume of missiles. A ded site can easily require 3000 missiles.
  3. 8/10 serpentis may be too long to run (not enough dps). angel 8/10, no idea.
    but you can run 6-7/10, and drone sites (independence, hierarchy, radiance) with a cap stable tengu with your shield rep and AB on

I have yet to find a fit for my tengu that could withstand the 8/10s in angel space. My problems are always in the last room the web and scram ships are just too fast to get away from. Have lost 2 in there trying different things. So for now I’ve given up on them at least with this ship. A larger ship and a mjd seems to be the only thing that works.

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i never tried angel 8/10, but i regularly tried serpentis and blood raider 8/10s, and it is much easier to do them with a bs (rattle of course, nestor,…) with MJD

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