Tengu - Rogue Drones

o7 Capsuleers !

I need a updated Tengu fit for Rogue Drones DED Sites (including 10/10). I just want to wandering in space exploring DED sites and doing them. Rated and Unrated.

Just send me a fit and needed numbers (like “you need xxx rep/s in 10/10, xxx resists” etc) and i will arrange my skills for it.

I have bunch of HAM and HeavyMissile skills.

There you go.

Well, i already know fuzzworks and evewiki has DED and Unrated complex list.

I need the fit, if someone has. I’m not good at creating fittings. Bcs of that i posted a “i need a fitting”.

Thanks anyway

will share my secrets fits for 200m each

there is a guide with fittings on youtube
look at the most recent one :wink:

But fitting is one of the funnest part of EVE… :slight_smile:

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