Exploration Tengu

Hi guys, using a Stratios to explore at the moment but am looking towards my next ship. Could anyone suggest a good exploration fit for a Tengu for null/wh space?

I would like to be able to manage all sites I come across, including the Superior Sleeper Cache (Am obviously happy to use a mobile depot to re-fit as necessary). Also, as I will be in null space, I am thinking along the lines of nullified for bubbles etc but I am unsure of the rest of the fitting so I would appreciate some suggestions.

(I know Loki is rather more popular at the moment but according to comments at fanfest it’ll be getting a swing of the nerf bat, so just looking at the Tengu)

Cheers for any help.

You will want to go full armor-gu… in the highs you want an even split between F.O.F. missile launchers and auto targeters. You don’t have time to waste on cloaking/de-cloaking… old meta.

In the mids you’ll want a full rack of kinetic resists.

I hope this helps…

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I thought going with the covert ops cloak would be useful? especially going into a system to scan sites down?

… sigh

Hmm? I really appreciate the help! I just maybe either misunderstood or don’t understand not making use of it (Im not amazingly fast at scanning sites down and I didn’t think sitting around in a null sec system without a cloak whilst doing it was a good idea, that’s all!

Don’t listen to him. Always cloak up if exploring in null/low, especially if your fit is not meant for combat and/or, can’t escape fast enough.

Hell, I use it on ships with 1.26s to warp times.

Never used a Tengu for exploration, tho. Always used a Loki.

If you find a good fit I’m interested to know. :slight_smile:


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I feel like I’m watching a deer in a meadow that doesn’t know there’s wolves around

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