Ship for Combat anoms in NPC Null

I have a Max skilled exploration character in NPC null. I am also training him into a T2 hauler (the Crane… can fit covert ops cloak.). I would also like to bring out a versatile ship that I can use to do combat sites (they all have “HUB” in their name) and maybe the NPC guarded exploration sites.

I am considering either the Stratios or a Tengu. Right now I explore in a Buzzard, I don’t mind switching ships. With the Stratios I could probably still scan down all the signatures and then I could swap fittings with a mobile depot so it would save some travel time. My feeling though is that the Tengu could clear a wider range of sites.

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And you would be right to assume that.

Back in the day when those ships came to New Eden, they were designed to run the anomalies in w-space, which are a lot tougher than those nullsec ones.
Just male sure you bring enough ammo. Those launchers do need a lot over time.

And make sure you are bringing the exploration configuration for the tengu, so you can probe yourself a wormhole to highsec and bring more ammo.

Tengu with mobile depot is the best option, though also the most expensive.

cloak + mwd/fast warp, refit to afb/tank for combat and relic/data sites.

A bit high % chance to escaping gate camps, much wider range of sites to clear, better scanning ability (combat probes help a lot to pick up geckos there were abandoned in space!).
Though, you will be risking a bit more isk on a loss.

The Tengu gets a scan resolution bonus from it’s Covert Reconfiguration Submodule, which coincidentially also enables it to be fit with a Covert Ops Cloak, so you don’t even need to pull the cloaky mwd stunt to get out of a lowsec camp. In case it’s also fitted with an Interdiction Nullifier Submodule and an Interdiction Nullification Module, it can covops cloaky warp out of a bubblecamp in null security space, too.

Even with all bonuses to scan resolution that you can put on a Tengu, it will have lower scan resolution then a Buzzard though, and just as important, it will move considerably slower and more sluggish, which is important if you run ghost sites. Unlike the frigates, though, a Tengu, and any other T3C, can survive the ghost site’s response fleet or a container blowing up.

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