Questions about tengu fit on null sev

Hello folks , i just back to eve and i saw many changes, in my days i used a tengu with cover cloack with interdictor nullifier for move me on 00 with a mobile depot for change fit and start to sites, this way is still valid ? i ask because i see around many fit with cloak a probes fitted and they use this fit for farm without chanfing fit, my goal is move me free solo on 00 and do pve on all i can, what kind of style or fit is more profitable for farm sites like combat sites or ded sites (maybe others). Sorry for my bad english and my poor knowledge on pve, my tengu skills are perfect i have 70m sp. Can you share me a bit of your knowledge of what kind of sites i can fo soloing on 0 0 and which vway is better one fir for all using a cloack and probe, or use a mobile depot for change to a pve ft?.
Thanks you very much

As far as I’m aware that is still a valid option, the T3s now have a sub-system bay which you can keep spare sub-systems in to save on cargo space (so more room for ammo/loot).

There was a change to the T3 sub-systems (quite a while ago now, not sure how long you’ve been away) which may have changed the ‘standard’ ratting fit, but it will be a better PVE fit if you’ve switched out the cloaky/nulified subs for combat ones.


thanks you , Cypr3ss true always be better fit tak*
ing out the cloack and probe launcher, i hope some more people can share more knowledge to this post.

your strategy is good. And if you wanna do the most difficult ded sites (8/10s, 10/10s), you will need to switch from your travel fit to a pve fit, using mobile depot, as you suggested

Yes, like another person said. You can put more subsystems into your subsystem bay. Make sure you bring a mobile depot and all of the normal modules you will need with you so you can re-fit while in null. I do this all the time.

i would add one thing: ammos(missiles) volume is somthg you have to consider, if you plan to travel to a hostile place where you won’t be able to dock and buy new ammos.

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