Could use some help with cheap marauder fits

I fly all four marauders with perfect skills (except Vargur that I am currently finishing large autocannon spec V for). I fit all of them with T2 modules and zero bling, however looking at killboards it really does not look like bling is much of a factor in ganking, so I would not oppose some faction damage mods and deadspace tank boosters at this point. I fly blaster kronos, cruise golem, autocannon vargur, and tachy paladin. I would appreciate some pointers, I fit dual prop to kronos and vargur (mjd+mwd) and 2x tracking comps to keep close in weaponry more effective (still using bastion, naturally), and golem and pally are just mjd/tank/damage mods. Each of these is flown in it’s own faction space and naturally goes against NPCs it works best against.

Are you looking for PvP or PvE fittings?

Well, here is the rub. I tried to create T2 only PVE fittings with build in extra buffer tank (entirely not needed for missions), but that bit of buffer tank will still do nothing vs 30 catalyst fleet. Plus, Vargur does not have room for buffer, I need two tracking comps and dual prop, best I can do is to fit DCU2, but again - useless for missions and hardly helpful against gank.

I am guessing I should abandon the idea of flying with “some buffer” and rely on keeping an eye on local and near systems, but short of scouting every gate ahead of time there is always risk of getting caught on the other side of gate and getting pointed.

Real talk. Once you start flying ships that are worth billions a isk you should really have a second account the Scout ahead for you.

It’ll help in way more ways that just that trust me getting a second account is the best thing you can do for yourself

Fit LSE and multispectrums, then add Nirvana implants. See what happens.

No can do. I fly all 4 marauders with same clone, kronos and pally tank with armor, I am using clone with implants that benefit most, plus turret niceties. Golem is missing out on some skill hardwiring, but the others get some sort of benefit.

Of course I could. I’ve ratted in WHs before. Marauders just make it easier. It literally isn’t hard LOL.

Why post fits? There are several out there that work ROFL. You realize Google exists for a reason right? Nice dodge on the griefing tho :smiley:

Good, keep to a single person, don’t give in to the WH krab :smiley:

Depending on what kinda hole you’re in tho, be prepared for response fleets.

Quite frankly if you focus on the vargur for your lvl 4 missions and use/fit it properly there’s no reason to ever fly any of the others. But do what you enjoy of course, having said that this doesn’t need 17 different threads.

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Using marauders for high-sec PvE instead of PvP, or at least punching above your weight class by soloing top-end wormhole sites that are intended for entire fleets, is a travesty that should be punished by tar-and-feathering the perps IRL. Like, I want Hilmar to actually show up to the homes of these people with a bucket of Dixie-brand pine tar and three live chickens, and telling them that they “knew the rules” before getting down to business.

Hello. I don’t think the bling is a problem.

I’ve played with 5-10B marauders close to Jita (3-10 jumps) . Never lost one yet.

And then I tried to play with T2 â– â– â– â–  fit. and people came to bait me, scan me.

No issue at all in less-crowded areas, so now I have lots of marauders (like 20) fits plus 10s of them ready to be assembled.
The most expensive part is the GXTXLSB to use with unstable. A single one is now 1B7 while I had several at 300M IIRC a few years ago - but CCP killed the hardeners in the “chirurgical strike” so now people need more local rep.


“Cheap Marauder” is a bit of an oxymoron.


Not really, some marauder fits are 6biil other are 3.

6 is expensive, 3 is cheap.

Marauders are hella cheap for how good they are.

I’m way to lazy to check prices, but 3 bil represents quite a bit of in game time for isk or noticeable real world money. I guess it’s not much if you’re an Eve feudal lord, or something like that…
Ok…one of my guys in Jita…Plex. The buyers are offering 2.74 Mil per plex. 500 plex for a month of Omega. $15, rounded. 500 x plex for 1.37 Bil. So that’s about 2 omega subs for a cheap marauder. $30 for a cheap marauder? Really loose calcs, but I consider that expensive.

But on a similar vein, $15 for a month of omega seems like it has had a serious loss of value for CCP due to real world inflation. I guess we should not be surprised that CCP needs to figure out how to get more $$ from us.

Removed a ton of off topic posts. Just because bait is there doesn’t mean you need to take it. Knock it off.


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Okay, so I think this is definitely the way to go. Second account will mean pretty significant investment, because I frequently move my main between specific mission hubs where I have mission ships set up. These hubs are quite far apart, so I am using sub 2 sec align luxury yacht rigged with warp speed, so it’s almost as fast as Leopard while having ability to survive smart bomb ambushes. I will have to do same thing on secondary account, but this would likely mean setting up T3 cruisers in my mission hubs, since such ships are able to both scout and participate in mission along with main.

Any other tips on how second account can be used to make mission ships harder to catch and gank in highsec?

Maybe just use something cheaper like assault frig? Sure it can get caught on the gate but it will save costly primary ship, and can still be brought into mission for giggles.

Oh, what about using Rook? It can jam a smaller gang, and/or buy enough time for marauder to survive?

I would def use ECM if you’re using Ewar.

Also sadly Drac has a point that if you’ve moving the marauder you may wanna refit to max tank as you can in case, so you can wait out the gank.

The hard part is you can’t swap the rigs, which kinda sucks but it is what it is.

Always check F10 and see if systems are hot as well. Hawk usually stays put in a system for a couple of days. Again I’d avoid SOE hubs.

It appears that we can’t give you advice on this? see the ISD post above?

At the risk of getting â– â– â– â– â–  slapped for this:

If you really wanted to have fun, get yourself a smart bombing BS at the location where they gankers would come in if there are warp gates. Put a cloak on it and as the catalyst blob comes in decloak and let rip…, would be hilarious…

Having a scout watching the warp gate is actually very useful, better than spamming D-scan while trying to run missions.

But I used to run two marauders together, doing missions as quickly as possible helps reduce risk.

ROFL do you know how to read bruv?

Also he was talking to me :smiley:

Pretty sure ISD post was alluding to off topic troll posts. My concerns and questions are legit:

People keep saying that only lazy and unprepared pilots get highsec ganked in mission ships. I am not lazy, and I would like to be prepared.

So far I am reading:

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose: check. I have multiple “spares”.
Don’t fit bling: check
Travel fit when moving: check
Use D-scan to be aware of combat probes and local activity: check
Use intel channels and kill board to track gangs whereabouts: check
Add known gank corps to red standing and keep an eye on local: check
Stay away from warpin: not always possible, sometimes I stay in place (Blockade,AE,etc)
Scout stargate before jumping: need second account
Keep an eye on gates inside mission: need second account
Always have alt in combat recon ready to jam to buy time for marauder to evade: is this a viable strategy?