Managing Clones and Implants in High Sec without a Structure

I started using a particular marauder a lot, so I got myself a head full of implants to support it. But I like switching Marauders for missions depending on the enemies I face because they have different capabilities and strengths.

My question for all of you is this: Do you run a genolutions or something in your head, or are you paying the high sec NPC station fee to swap clones to switch marauders? Or do most of you just stick with a particular Marauder (probably the Vargur) and just max out for shields and guns?

I use one marauder clone when I do missions, built around the Kronos. I also use a Vargur and a Golem and I dont find that theyre that much less effective without a full set of implants.

Its a Marauder. They are more than capable of everything that I use one for. I dont find it necessary to hop into different clones and I’m a little hesitant to buy a whole new set of implants

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i would assume that only a few dudes switch marauders for every mission.
and if you fly a marauder in HS there is no need for an implant set ! marauders are strong enough to beat every mission in HS without implants

Switching Marauders for level 4 missions sounds like making a lot of work when any one of them can annihilate any mission available with absolutely zero trouble and similar effort.

You also don’t need implants.

Multiple marauders and multiple implanted clones is overengineering this problem to a pretty silly degree. Not to mention a waste of billions of isk.

You’re better off using those additional marauders and clones to spread out to agents in the four empires so you can cycle standings/build positive standings to each empire and improve your taxes at each empires trade hubs. At least you get the convenience of jumping between them instead of slowboating through high.


It’s not about the trouble. It’s about the efficiency.
The question is : after how long does the investment pays itself back ?
It’s pretty standard to have at least a pulse paladin dedicated to sansha/blood/etc , a torpedo golem for BS-heavy missions, and kronos/vargur for the rest. Once you know the missions it’s no more a question (but you need to have a hauler dedicated to ammos :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Also don’t need much bling, though it helps get faster (most important is faction DPS mods)

IMO best way is to have generic implants (cap, warp speed, speed, MWD bonus) .

I dont know if I really agree. Vargur can tear through anything, Kronos can tear through anything, Paladin seems to struggle more than the rest if you aren’t in a Rogue Drone, Sansha or Blood Raiders mission ans the Golem has objectively the worst damage efficiency of the four. It is a fine vessel, dont get me wrong but any of its sister ships will clear a board full of red much faster.

As a matter of efficiency I would just use a Vargur with one clone, a set of mid grade implants wont pay for themselves for awhiiiiiile. As the other posts have said, the effectiveness of a marauder with implants versus without isn’t always worth the price of the implants.

every marauder can do missions pretty well. they all have other specifications but all 4 are awesom and you dont need any swap of marauder. do any mission with the marauder you prefer an you can safe the ISK of the other 4 marauders for anything else

That’s why I wrote against BS-heavy missions. When the mission have 50% target BS-size then it is plain better to do it in a golem. rage torps, painter, MJD. Tank is mostly irrelevant because you kill faster than you take damage.
Now against guristas it’s a bit different because they orbit too far. Anyhow I don’t remember of a interesting BS-heavy guristas mission. If you want to blitz the blockade guristas, use a kronos instead.

Generic statement are bad, they don’t reflect the complexity. There are missions where golems are bettter, just like there are missions where palas are better.

It depends if you look at your efficiency now or after. Remember that generic implants make all ships better.

and nobody denied it !

its just senseless to have every marauder because you “think” you will get a major improvement of this … oO → spoiler → you dont

I did not talk bout “every marauder”. If you remove that, it actually becomes logic. Your need to misquote me to claim I am wrong … only talks about your lack of logic.

i can read you want to have at least 3 marauder … you can also split kronos and vargur for different missions …

still dont get you and major improvement to have more then 1 marauder for missions … oO

your logic is only because you want that its logic !

and that is not every marauder.

So your claim was wrong to start with.

Another false claim. You are the only one talking about “major”. If you remove that false quote, then it also becomes logic.

and you can split it even more for specifications and you get all 4 marauders !
the point is that you advice for more then one marauder and thats perfectly nonsense … ! there is no (major) improvement to fly more then one marauder !

and who said that i claimed that “YOU SAID” its a major improvement ? i just said “its not a major improvement” … looks like your missing some skills of understanding :wink:

youre mostly wrong what you wanna say… you only want to look important and clever and what you come up with is nonsense and false advice

It really isn’t.

Your efficiency gain swapping from one marauder to another when their capabilities are so incredibly similar is miniscule. You’re basically never making back your investment. It’s waste.

No, you absolutely do not ever need a hauler dedicated to ammo. How much ammo are you using?

There’s no conceivable way you’re getting benefit from capacitor implants flying a marauder.

What the f’k is wrong with your fits that you need to resupply ammo and fit cap implants?

Get yourself a Vargur, fly into the room, bastion up, kill everything in the entire room at basically any distance in 1-2 volleys, de-bastion, gate to next room. There’s no way swapping marauders makes you more efficient because your efficiency limitation in a marauder is always the bastion cycle time.

And just to pre-empt that maybe you’re not using bastion mode: then don’t fly a marauder, use a navy BS instead because you’re basically cutting your DPS and range off at the knees.

There is improvement. You are the only one talking about major.

Then you are off topic. You are fighting a strawman.

That’s plain insults.

no its not … you can use a paladin perfectly for guristas or angels or anything else …
you can use a vargur/kronos perfectly for sansha or anything else
you can use a golem perfectly for frigate based missions or anything else …

there is just no major improvement … there is no improvement… there is no minor improvement …

whats offtopic if i say its not an improvement ? major, minor or without any adjectives !
tell me why is this a strawmen if i tell thats not an improvement you was pointing for … ?

where is that an insult ? xD did i hurt your feelings because i can proofe your facts are not facts and what you said is wrong ? sry “bro” but that cant be an insult :wink:

A rage golem is 2.8k DPS. A hail vargur is 2.5k . This is a 14.7% increase in DPS. Which can lead to one less cycle in bastion.
14% is not what I call “minuscule”
What’s more the golem can hit in the weakest resistance. Vargur hail has 22% DPS in kin and 78% in expl.
Against angels, varg applies 52% vs golem 54% so it’s 4.2% increase … in addition to the 14%.
Against a serp, varg only applies 31% of its damage while golem applies 44% . that is another 41% DPS increase after the 14%.
It’s even stronger vs blood/etc, but here you are never using hail, use EMP instead.

The opposite, they are good because they need ammos and implants.

tell me how a rage golem works with frigs … oops the 2,8k DPS are gone because of all the reload or you dont hit it !

a paper number …
btw … your 14 % improved golem dps are gread if the vargur has 2 ships down because “instant damage” and the golem now shots 3 times for the first target and wastet 1-2 cycles :wink:

only paper numbers … ! pure DPS and dmg numbers dont get you your improvement !

if you NEED implants for a marauder then youre bad
if you NEED that much ammo that you only need an

then youre doing it wrong …

This is tenuous to the point of stupidity. One wrecking hit could lead to one less cycle in basion.
In terms of consistent efficiency, it doesn’t, it won’t, and you’re stretching really hard.

If you’re killing ■■■■ in two volleys 14% is of zero consequence.

Doesn’t really make a practical difference against NPCs in level 4s. You’re gonna kill them in two volleys (maybe 4 if it’s a tanking battleship.

Your limitation is still bastion cycle time, that minute trumps your potential 1 cycle saving in any long enough sample period to actually matter.

Total nonsense.

Right? The turret marauders can kill most frigate in a single volley from their primary weapons. No resorting to drones. Golems have the worst damage application for PvE - a well fit turret marauder gets near perfect application so long as your target priority is right.

A very basic understanding of percentages is not really useful here, @stefnia_Freir. Unfortunately Pyfa does not make you a good pilot.

Also my Vargur gets above 2,600 DPS and 5.5k alpha, which means a single volley kills anything below a battlecruiser with very high consistency. The bigger challenge is having the manual dexterity to target things fast enough while also actually keeping the guns firing (having to activate your guns every server tick actually means you’re at a 50% DPS loss because that’s how the game works - you’re only actually applying every other tick). And one kill every other tick is pretty much as efficient as you can get in PvE content.


i like you :wink: you come up with facts and not just with nonsense numbers xD
other ppl ( dont say names because then someone would cry ) can take a lesson from you !

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