New Patch - Lvl 4 Missions in Kronos


I have been taking a break for a few months and am sheltering in place during the Covid crisis. I saw the new surgical strike update and see that armor and shield restances have been reduced. Can someone tell me what the effect of these changes will be on running a Kronos for L4 missions?

Your tank will be lower?

If you run with a minimal tank on your Kronos, it’s almost no changes. I lost a tiny amount of explosive resist, other than that, still tanks like a champ. Enjoy the new Void ammo buff where you can. :sunglasses:

EDIT: Just ran a Lv4 Assault today where the first room can be very heavy incoming DPS, tanks as good as ever.

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True, but there was also mention increasing damage for void of 15% but I usually used Null.

Increased Scan Resolution by 30% for Marauders and Black Ops - This is a nerf too right? It would be faster to target lock me. Kronos increased from 120mm to 160mm

Just looking for overall opinions on how this will the Krono’s ability to run L4’s.

Thanks for the summary!

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No, this is a buff, improved locking times for your battleships to target other vessels.

Your welcome. It had about as much detail as your question.

There is also this great fitting tool (both in game and external programs) where you could just see how your ship is affected and adjust accordingly. :slight_smile:

literally reduced target time by -25%,that is the time it requires to lock anything.
If you needed 10s before, now you need 7.5s.

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