Lvl 4 fits

since the nerf are most lvl 4 fits still working or not so much doing missions in gallente space. looking for a quick brawler fit.

Yeah they’re mostly fine. You’d need to have been just scraping through missions to be really affected.

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You sound like an EVE vet, if you are close to training Marauders or are already trained, they make for excellent brawlers, and were less affected by the resistance nerfs. I would highly recommend the Kronos in Gallente space. Haven’t seen Arthur Aihaken in the forums for a long while, but he had some pretty pro Kronos fits, although I’d probably fit a little more tank when starting out, then switch back to more dps as you get more comfortable:

It depends on your hardeners. If you had one generic + one specific hardener (eg EANM+ex AH) you lost around 20% of your rep and layer EHP. That’s typically the same as removing an EANM.
Brawlers got a buff in DPS, but only for rage, conflag, void, and hail. So unless your brawler also has a bonus to weapon range, there was no buff.
The only brawler that were only buffed are the polarized ones.
Maybe polarized hyperion may be good now ?

Honestly, I haven’t noticed much of a difference at all. I am probably not a good example though, as I have been flying a beastly Rattlesnake for lvl 4’s and epics for quite some time.

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