Bored with Rattlesnake, Kronos?

I’ve been flying my Rattlesnake doing SOE and Caldari Navy missions for awhile I’ve gotten bored with playstyle.

I’ve been eyeing a Kronos (or the T1 hull) as an upgrade/change of pace. Honestly I absolutely love the look and want to fly it

I’m very casual and mellow, usually doing full clears of missions, salvaging everything in a noctis. Is Kronos a good pick?

Marauders in general are a good pick. I did not test kronos, but in general you just want to MJD and shooot at things. With the last patch you actually want to bastion and kronos can’t hit anything further than its nose so you need to go rails. Then the usual double armor rep, large cap battery, 2 TC and 3 magstabs should be good. DC for the buffer or RAH for the tank, and MEM should be good. you have drones and MJD for small fries, no real need for web/grappler. You may want an AB instead of a TC to move faster to the next gate and/or to align faster.

[Kronos, *Simulated Kronos Fitting]
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Large Armor Repairer II

Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Large Micro Jump Drive
Tracking Computer II
Cap Recharger II

425mm Railgun II
[Empty High slot]
425mm Railgun II
[Empty High slot]
Bastion Module I
425mm Railgun II
[Empty High slot]
425mm Railgun II

Large Hybrid Collision Accelerator II
Large Hybrid Ambit Extension I

Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L x160
Optimal Range Script x1

use AM <100km, spike >100km.

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Yes, but a Vindicator will also destroy the hell out of lvl 4 missions with a blaster fit at less then half the cost of a Kronos and be less attractive to people looking to kill it for the lolz.

Blaster Kronos can hit to 70k+ in falloff with null ,bastion and a few range mods. I have no idea how it performs with rails.

If you are running missions, it’s a great secondary ship for those with close range spawns, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. If you really want a “change of pace” from the rattle I’d go with a golem.

That’s irrelevant. Any ship can hit with polarized void at 110k+ as soon as it has the targeting range. What it means is : “being able to hit” is worthless.

What is relevant, is the amount of DPS it can APPLY at those 70km. which is less than rail in spike (900), with 2 TC. and actually as soon as the distance is above 45km the rail is better than the blaster.


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It is also possible to do lvl4s in a Assault Frig which is good fun.

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You said “kronos [with blasters] can’t hit anything further than its nose” which is incorrect and is what I was responding to. I also said that blaster Kronos “is a great secondary ship for those [missions] with close range spawns.” Obviously it isn’t optimal in other settings.

If you claim this is incorrect, then you failed to understand my point. Which I explained in the next post since you have no idea what “can hit something” means in the context of ship theorycrafting. Tip : in the engine it is different.

But I think I am wasting my time.

The Kronos is amazing 19.1+. Don’t fall for that “almost as good” crap. The other 3 marauders are “almost as good” as a Kronos at full clearing Gallante missions. Nothing else is even half as good.

If you are double repping a rail Kronos you are doing it wrong.

As is the cap battery

read again :

Funny that you cut the quote just before the important part.

You mean this part?

I don’t see how that changes the context. You don’t need a double rep on a kronos.

Now that being said, maybe it was a typo as your posted fit only has a single rep?

And all the cap in your fit is a waste.

if you don’t understand the difference between “should be” and “is”, then that’s your issue.
I did not claim you need a double rep either.

Then why did you even put “double armor rep” in the sentence?

When reading that complete sentence who would come away thinking you aren’t talking about a double armor rep? You literally lead off with “The usual double armor rep…” How else is that supposed to be read?

Well if you don’t understand the idea of a discussion, then you have nothing to do here.

Literally as it is written. With the sentence before that explains why I write “should be” and not “is”, which you completely ignored and therefore made a quote out of context.

Ok then.

Literally there is no case that putting a double armor rep on a rail mission kronos makes it a good fit. Large cap battery is unecessary. Eating up 2 mid slots with cap on a rail Kronos is an utter waste.

I understand you’ve never flown one, but your fit is not good.

Oh and I don’t care what the graphs say, a blaster Kronos for some missions is exceedingly good.

which ones ? cap battery only uses one.

I understand that you have comprehension issues, so I will ignore your opinion as it should be.

However it’s true that since that patch a large cap battery is worse than a cap recharger. But that’s not what you wrote and what’s more you are ignoring parts of my post on purpose so there is no reason to actually consider what you may have tried to express.

“I don’t care about number, I’m entitled to my opinion”. No, you are not.

Your posted Fit above…

I comprehend fine. I fully understand you did not test a Kronos (your words) and were theorycrafting.

Now maybe in your mind that sentence meant something else. I can’t read your mind, only what you wrote.

And this being what you wrote all over the place.

Yes as a Kronos pilot I generally just stick with rails. Blasters can hit fairly far with bastion, but when you can push over 900dps out to 180km with rails, why bother? So on rails vs blasters I’d say you are correct, and we are in agreement.

I still do not understand why, if you were not advocating double armor reps why you even put that in the sentence? You don’t seem interested in explaining so whatever.

A cap battery still isn’t necessary, you can melt everything at range. Most missions I don’t even run the rep except a few cycles here and there.

Unfortunately without actual piloting time you threw together a fit that is not all that great.

Take out the cap battery and cap recharger, Second TC and a SEBO. It’s overtanked. Drop the RAH and add another magstab. Now you are pushing up against 1000DPS at 180km with the locking range to use it. (not that you need to, so use the sebo to lock faster).

You mean the fit that does not even have two LAR ?

No that’s not my words.

Actually, in reality that sentence meant something else than what you just wrote. So yes you have comprehension issues.

Actually I explained literally in the sentence before. Since you are asking for explanations that were provided, of course I won’t make the effort to repeat myself just to satisfy a troll.
If you don’t understand, read again. Also I have my uses of my ships, which I may not be willing to disclose for personal reasons, therefore making the personal informations I provided the maximum I am willing to give, and your insisting personal attacks just a waste of time.

Correct, which I addressed…


Um, no it’s not personal. Not once have I attacked YOU. I’ve questioned your reasoning on things about the Kronos based on you stating you didn’t test it and then posted a meh fit.