Buffed Marauders in Action (Paladin L4 mission)

Made a vid here demonstrating how mighty the Marauders will be with the upcoming patch. Can’t wait for the patch to hit TQ :smiley: I use a Paladin, with the new update, my fit gest 2.4k dps in bastion.


My goodness, you, I watch all your vids, thanks for your work man!

And luckily they will be ungankeable in high sec safe space too.

Yes they are tempting me with the taste of golem nuts and honey but you know the grief freaks will be out tonight, I’ll just stay with my T-1 Raven 1\10 the cost and unattractive as a bragging tool, unimpressive mods and T-1 drones, but hey my frost skin looks nice.

Was this before, or after the nerf that @CCP_Rise did?

What was the nerf?

Here’s the changes we put on sisi today, for your consideration:

  • Bastion module duration set to 30s (was 90s)
  • Paladin bonus to capacitor pool changed to large energy turret activation cost reduction (10% per level)
  • Kronos base capacitor changed to 8000
  • Kronos rechargeRate changed to 1050000
  • All marauder target range increased by 30%
  • All marauder sensor strength increased by 8
  • Assault Damage control duration reduced by 25%
  • Assault Damage control structure resist bonus reduced to 30% for tech II (was 40%) and 25% for tech I (was 30%)
  • Bonus to MWD signature radius penalty removed from all Heavy Assault Cruisers (except tournament variations)
  • Stasis webification probe web strength set to 40% (was 50%)
  • Stasis Webification Probe activation delay set to 2 seconds (was 3 seconds)

Thx for that, but again @CCP_Aurora why isn’t this info being put on the official forums FIRST before reddit or discord or whatever.

Always go to reddit for eve info.

Forums is for CCP to read things from Players.
Reddit is for Players to read things from CCP.

But rise listened to the players feedback on reddit for those changes

Fixed that for you.

How exactly do these changes make them ungankable?

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More performance into the ship stats, less need for faction gear. Pure T2 fits are going to out-perform the best of the current faction/officer fits and you can’t profitably gank a T2 fit marauder. It doesn’t make them 100% gank proof, but it sure does make them unappealing targets.

And because there are no ganks attempted if it is not profitable it ultimately makes the ship gank proof in highsec safe space.

Kudos to CCP!


My reading of this, at the time, was that they increased the duration of Bastion by 30 seconds… from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. I can’t remember the sentence but it was something like “the tradeoff from being the ultimtae weapons platform was less mobility”.

Decreasing Bastion time makes the Marauders God mode.

Just check zkillboard, tech 2 fit marauders absolutely get ganked even now. With marauders it isn’t about the loot, it is about getting a shiny 1.5 bill ship on your killboard. And the tears of course.

After the changes marauders will still absolutely be ganked shiny or not. Though shiny mods will certainly increase the risk.

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That is a more accurate assessment.

Not really. Gank proof would imply they have a greater defense against ganking. This makes them maybe a less appealing target, but that doesn’t mean gank proof. It just means less likely to be ganked.

If they want to pop you, the proposed changes seem to do little in make you less likely to pop.

I know it is kind of a nitpick of language but it is a real distinction.

Checked prices at Jita on moon materials, sheesh, everything has doubled, I was going to buy all the stuff for 1.45 billion next day 2.8 billion, and every other T-2 ship (caldari class), has doubled.

Only Ammar and Winmatar are still pretty good.

This is the mineral scarcity which is doing alot of good and hitting fatcats in eve. With upcoming next wave with highsec asteroids only respawn once per month will finally even out the supplies and put real value in ships and items.

those were the nerfs after everybody gave CCP Rise feedback on Reddit… so the changes for going from 60-90 are now 30s and not 90…