Buffed Marauders in Action (Paladin L4 mission)


Apologies. I do not understand the reply. It may be easier to just ask “How long is the Bastion mode now”?


30s in SiSi

As i mentioned this is bad for paladin.
5% bonus to ship capacitor capacity is way better than 10% per level for less cap for only guns.

At this point paladin has very low capacitor, even when not in bastion.

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Thanks for the clarity. I saw the original link from the launcher but not the update.

Out of curiosity, does this now make Marauders more viable in PvP? or is the cost just still to prohibative?

30 seconds to stop, massive regen, massive DPS seems like a very good win even in PvP.

Based on my, very limited, PVP experience, 3/4/5 Marauders could do really well together. I imagine a solo Marauder may still have problems.

They are a good option for structure bashing now, if you don’t have a large group assisting you. I guess you could now consider them the high sec little cousin of the dreadnought.

I don’t know why they don’t keep the bonuses and just slap on a flat role bonus for each ship.

Paladin gets 25% reduction in large energy turret capacitor usage
Kronos gets 25% extra range on stasis webifiers and grapplers
Vargur gets 25% falloff
Golem gets 25% bonus to shield capacity

Or, bring the other down with the paladin to overcome the new buffs. If Paladin is now struggling even more with capacitor, let the others suffer the same fate; Vargur and Golem can only fit XL boosters and Kronos has reduced cap pool.

Ultimately the simplest solution is to just give the Kronos and Paladin another mid slot, and the Vargur and Golem another low slot.


@Aceyfacey OP, what implants are you using to allow you to get to 14387 GJ on your capacitor ? Copying your fit from YT gives me 11037 GJ (all fitting skills maxed) currently on Sisi. Or is there some hidden cap skill I overlooked ?

The video was filmed before the cap bonus on the Paladin was changed to a cap usage reduction on its turrets.

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Thank you. For a brief moment I thought I had overlooked a fitting skill these last ten years, lol. Well, the Paladin now has a gaping cap hole, see other thread.

Yeah, and the change in Bonus doesn’t help it at all (CCP need to either buff the total capacitor on the Paladin, give it a role bonus in cap usage for guns and keep the cap pool bonus, or give it and the Kronos an extra mid slot (allowing a battery on the Paladin and a Grappler on the Kronos).

Having tried it as it stands, its not in a terrible place; yeah the tank lasts 60% the time it used to, but you obliterate missions so quickly its not much of an issue. That said, as it stands the update serves as a massive buff for the Vargur and Golem (as always) and the Paladin falls to the side and Kronos, just meh.

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Agreed. The 'buff" on the Paladin became a nerf, making it far more vulnerable to ganking than before, effectively pushing it to hisec to keep it safer (what I thought the onset of these changes were in the first place). The thing is, the Paladin did missions just fine as it was, in comparison. Doesn’t make any sense at all. Neither does swinging from “let’s make their commitment longer, at 90 sec” to “erm no wait… let’s make it shorter, at 30 sec” two days later. Paladin got shanked in the process, with less cap for higher cap use, the same bad tracking, and terrrible on cap when not in bastion mode. What does that even balance, or buff ?!
@CCP_Rise , with all respect, sir, this one doesn’t appear to be well thought out. Could you give it another glance, please ?

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As i said before.
Paladin needs more cap.

I suggest 7.5% to capacitor capacity per level for paladin instead of 10% to energy turret cap reduction per level.
7.5% would fall in line with vargur buff to damage.

Kronos is ok now, other two do not need cap for weapons.

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This is going to get nerfed into the ground. Calling it now.


50% ROF is huge, the only way I can see it staying that way is if they make the Bastion module one which requires some sort of fuel to use.

There was mention CCP Hilmar was talking about making bastion in highsec give suspect status to bring inline with Risk vs Reward as there is alot of Reward for no risk now.

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Link to source please.

That would actually make sense, will introduce high sec guys to a little bit of danger but still not much as with 30 sec and d-scan for combat probes its still possible to remain safe with some effort.

use a 2k dps sniper paladin DUH!

to early for april 1st