Bastions of War

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One question, is Revelation an interdictor now? :stuck_out_tongue:



It falls under “more”. Because CCP couldn’t have written “and the Revelation” since it would have crippled the text restrictions.

More interesting:

Mobile Cynosural Beacon

Now we don’T need LO anymore and we can just light 20 of these expendable beacons to mask the real recon cyno. Great job, CCP. Much appreciated.

making them an even more formidable element on the battlefield.

:rofl: Who wrote that? They are not formidable on a battlefield at all. The person who wrote that line has never flown a marauder and doesn’t even know how they and battles work.


Or you know, you could just put like the title “Interdictors”, title “other changes” before Revelation or?

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Players doing CCP’s job of opening threads for the upcoming updates…

Eve 2021.

Edit: Whenever asked for a dictor , I’ll just warp my Rev …


The don’t want to provide a link because it inevitably leads anyone who clicks on it to a string of loud, angry posts claiming that CCP is a bunch of retards.


CCP tries to buff marauders but accidentally nerfs them because they don’t understand how they work, lol.


Can’t even comment on this, they are vague as to how they modified the bastion module . Doesn’t say if they removed or not totally or partially it’s current attributes and replaced them with the 50% RoF bonus…
Guess I’ll have to login on Sisi…

When buff is in reality a nerf:
Making 90s bastion lol

Srsly don’t do this


Can we bump the weapons timer up to 90s, too?


Bastion module RoF buff should come with a capacitor penalty offset to match as well for the kronos and paladin. Vargur & Golem are gaining the bonus without the added penalty, while the two ships that already have enough capacitor issues are being hit with more. otherwise, i like the idea of this buff.


Right now on Sisi looks like the bastion module retained the current bonuses and got as extra the 90 s increased duration and a - 50 % bonus to missile and turret damage, should be RoF there.

The bonus damage actually better, because it replaces the ROF that is in fact cap penalty for Paladin like described in post above yours.

Do you seriously expect well thought through changes from CCP?

Well in that case the bonus should be in the positive there . Positive for alpha , negative for RoF. But I guess they’ll fix that … right now on the update page it says RoF and on Sisi we have raw damage (alpha).

Right off the bat:
Marauders already have to put significant ISK on field as-is, adding even more risk with the bastion module time increase is not going to get more pilots in them, even if they are buffed. A dread is generally a much better investment over a marauder in both SP and in ISK, because effective marauders are nearly the same cost.
Next up is the Paladin. It feels like laser boats are getting screwed again. Increased RoF is increased cap need to fire them. Many of the signature Amarr ships have been getting waylaid by the consistent lack of forethought in changes regarding lasers. Add a mid slot to Pally, or reduce capacitor need for firing guns, or switch from RoF to direct damage buff.


I think its just a text issue as the RoF is being correctly applied.

Right now yes, on Sisi there is a text issue in the description of bastion module attributes.

Exactly this, honestly I don’t really care how they change it . For what it costs and in this era of capitals in Eve , from my perspective they may as well remove them as a hull.

I will simply quote Grath Telkin, since he had some really good points.
It seems you are way off with your Marauder changes - once more.

" They have a healthy spot in PVE and we want to make them feel more rewarding in that role and maybe extend it to non-high sec PVE. If we get more PVP interest as well that’s a bonus.

Hi, you must be new here so let me introduce you to EVE where we dont have PVE and PVP ships, we have ships. In fact the last time Marauders were changed from the pure PVE ships you’d originally created something along those lines were said.

Why on earth would you try and revert them to strictly PVE boats after there was a patch that changed them? Why can’t you just buff the hulls and let players do what the will with them without trying to force them into a role? You do remember we’re supposed to be in a sandbox right?

Also have any of you ever even flown a Marauder? It would appear after reading your suggested changes that you have in fact not. Did you change the Golems absolutely crippled fitting resources? Nope. Did you do anything with the Paladins absolutely wretched tracking? Nope. Oh then surely you did something with the Kronos’s disgusting slot layout to bring it in line with literally every other Gallente ship right? Naaaaaah. T2 resists, surely you gave these billion isk battleship hulls t2 resists? Hell naw, what did you do? You buffed the Vargur, literally the only Marauder that didn’t need a buff.

While you were at it you went ahead and ripped the Bastion/MJD synergy apart by stretching the Bastion modules active time some 40 seconds past its MJD time.

Literally what the ■■■■ dude.

For years people have been asking for a Marauder rework and I’ve been publicly unhappy about that request because none of you fly the ships, and thus have no ■■■■■■■ clue about how to fix them and this patch is the living incarnation of that belief.

EDIT: Heres a couple crazy infuriating lines

Marauders, which are Tech II versions of New Eden’s Battleship class vessels

Really? You can’t tell from ANY of their ingame stats which are in almost every case WORSE than a t1 BS.

Bastion duration will also be increasing up to 90 seconds, extending Marauders’ commitment to a single position in exchange for their newfound power.

Like how ignorant of one ship can you possibly be? The Hull (without t2 resists) cost 1.5 billion, the fitting and implants usually bring the full fit price up above 7billion and you think in a world that has high sec gank gangs and HAW dreads that they need an increased commitment? Holy. ■■■■. Rise.

Scrap the Marauder change until your balance team has flown and lost about 20 of each hull in the live game going about various activities."


They could just delete all marauders except Kronos. It’s the only one “worth” flying. Second to Golem, because even without extra slots, “Missiles online” is where it is – perfect application no matter the range.

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