Bastion Module, Duration Timer Challenge (Need’s rejustments)

Bastion Module, Duration Timer Challenge (Need’s rejustments)

Greetings from Mads, Denmark, Dear EvEOnline Support.

I am reaching out to you in a request of getting the “Bastion Module” Duration timer lowered! I understand there as been wide, requests to buff the timer, because "hunter-pilots had issues with catching players. Now the issue is, that it’s too easy to catch players, It needs to be balanced!

I would suggest, a timer duration of 45 seconds instead of a minute. It’s a game-breaking point of having to be stuck in a minut, when a “cyno dropper pilot” can logout in the system, and instantly drop on you, in matter of seconds! (with help of spy’s feeding information.) Otherwise, I would suggest a login timer, that makes you unable to use modules of any kind for 1 min at least! "IF YOU LOGED OFF IN OPEN SPACE! "Please take this into a concentration! i wish the best for EVEOnline & the future to come :)… best regards Mads Yde.


And in conjunction with this, a slight bump to speed on the Marauder hulls to make up for the mass penalty hit that was also added primarily for wormholes (just to take it back to what it was pre-mass addition).


its up to you if you use a marauder ! if its not safe enough to pin you down 1 min then why did you do it ? you can fly it without bastion but then you dont have the tank and more important the dps adidtions …

you want to reduce the bastion timer ? yes reduce it but then take of the RoF bonus and halfed the tank bonus ! and also take of the role boni with shied extender, plates and bulkheads ! they are active tanked ships why do they need a HP bonus for HP fitting modules ?

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Sorry, no. The RoF bonus had nothing to do with the Bastion timer. And all the other battleships have the same HP bonus for shield extenders and armor plates. So again, no.

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thats wrong … its a module based attribute ! you want it to buff it and call this balance ? no bro ! if you want such major buff then you need to balance the change with another change and take something off it ! like the RoF bonus ! its already to strong ! the old bastion module was good enough without any bonus to ships damage ! and yes … RoF is a bonus to ships damage !

ok the role bonus is something that dont need to change ! but still it has to much effect on this ship ! you can create 2500+dps ships with 500k EHP … if this isnt to strong as subcatipal ship …
if they take awas the role bonus for HP then you never get any 500k out of these ships ! and you can say what you want … a marauder with all its boni are active tank ships ! you dont fit plate or shield extender on active tanked battleships !

Marauders already got nerfed twice: First with the change in the Bastion and timer and then with a huge hit to mass. Both of these changes were implemented for wormhole gameplay (only).

If memory serves Bastion was originally 40 seconds, so splitting the difference and un-nerfing it a bit and boosting the speed on Marauders so they’re returned to their pre-mass levels isn’t an unrealistic request.

the first “nerf” was no “nerf” it was just resetting the timer to its original one ! the second timer with the mass is worthless … xD whats the bonus with the mass for a combat ? none ! so it was just a fix to a gameplay mechanic for all the WH dudes …

btw … you could have said it was nerfed twice with the E-War resistance … and then you were correct !
the first was to reduce e-war resistance to 50% and the second one was delete the e-war resistance completly !

youve got a bad memory ! it was always 60 seconds ! and why do you want more speed for a ship that is pinned down infight ? oO
its like you want a dread with AB or MWD bonus ! … stupid !

but as i see … you dont understand marauders ! and you dont know any change … i assume you never was sitting in one before changes and after changes !

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Because I do (Marauders are not always stationary). As I said, I was going off memory. In any event, changing it from 60 to 40-45 seconds wouldn’t be as drastic as 30 seconds.

and then they are “normal” battleships with still extrem good dps and tank ( EHP tank more then active tank ) !

if you were using marauder then you would have known ! thats not “off memory” thats easy missing knowledge !

and still its a very strong bonus ! so no reason to buff this without any nerf to it ! and the nerf it neads are the RoF bonus ! they are need to get rid of this ! or at least halfed this bonus !

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I’ve used (and currently use) Marauders, so I do know what I’m talking about. I had to lookup what the original Bastion module timer was (it was 10 years ago, so maybe you’ll cut me some slack here).

And no, with all the ewar nerfs it doesn’t need any more nerfs (especially a RoF nerf). Many of the Pirate battleships can come close in terms of DPS (Machariel, Barghest, Rattlesnake) - and they always outshone Marauders.

Just a slight buff to return the base speed(s) to the original (pre-mass adjustment) speed(s).

ive checked it ! you use it against MTU´s in HS … xD and you getting ganked in them …
and you still dont know what their specifications are and what CCP changed over time ?

i correctet it for you

i cant remember when they implementet the bastion module but it was always 60 seconds ! and the first time they touched it was the “bastion of war” update and they changed it from 60 to 90 seconds ! and this was good because they doubled the dps …

shortly after this they reduced the cycle to 30 seconds and nobody could understand why … sure everybody were happy with this change because now they can be done realy good damage without a big risk ! glasscanons with “unbreakable glass”

no xD non if this ships can come realy close to the damage of a marauder xD yes the rattlesnake could reach about 2500 dps but only with polarized torpedos and then youre losing range and tank !
macha and barghest never reached the dps ! never ever …
yes they could outperform marauders if youre doing any PvE where you need to warp from site to side or room to room without being pinned down 1 min !

ive checked this and what i found are the viridian patchnotes where they add mass to all marauders !
but they also improved the aligntime that you dont have any malus from this ! and the “speed” you can reach at a marauder doesnt change at all …

this makes your argument invalid ! they never loose speed ! they only got more mass nothing else !

Viridian: Expansion Notes | EVE Online

Be nice.

Marauders are still king of PvE and even while I do use them myself (all of them), I am not sure that the nerf was hard enough. That they are less mobile now (both longer bastion and less max-speed) was absolutely needed looking at the firepower they put on the table. And the 1 minute immobility is absolutely justified for the power boost the bastion module brings. Nobody is forced to use it if he is afrad to die to an ambush because he can’t get out soon enough. Use a pimped FactionBS and trade some firepower for the ability to leave anytime you want.

I’m sure if a T2 variant was made that The stats could fluctuate from bastion post patch (current bastion stats) for a T1 and have the pre patch stats be for T2.

I really doubt that. The bastion timer was prolonged absolutely intentionally to make it an important tactical decision if you should enter the next cycle to maximize your performance or if you end your bastion cycle and regain your mobility. Most people forget that Marauders can fight at least as good as a normal Battleship, even outside bastion. Or they just ignore that fact intentionally.
If a T2 variant comes some day, the boni might be a bit higher, but I don’t believe they shorten the duration again, as it would create the same problems we already had and which made the nerf nessessary. A duration reduction would also not match with the Siege Module or Industrial Core modules, T1 and T2 all have the same cycle time, just stronger boni with T2.

Its the latter. I sense high end krabber angle. they tend to push some min max setups that need bastion up all the time. They ride a razor’s edge of massive isk per tick or…boom! Solo…they run content really meant for more people. In maruaders since over time ccp took downthe old ways of carrier ratting it seems.

3+ people on site…is also good for scaring away some people. It just means less isk for all. Pick your poison applies here imo.

I putz around lower level stuff in mine to kill time as I wait for stuff to come out the oven to move to hubs for sale on another char.

Even the larger level 4 shooting fests I drop bastion when its down to the last few rats. Drop them as I burn off the aggression timer bastion is why. last 2 rats dead, timer cleared and now I am not sitting with my thumb up my butt since gates/stations are locked out.

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Not all buffs and nerfs are directly about combat. A ship being more of a logistical headache is potentially even more of a nerf than a small nerf in combat capabilities.

It was 60s, it wasn’t used much but added tank and application. Then it was dropped to 30s and added damage and it was used a ton. Then it was back to 60s and still adds damage. It’s probably close to a healthy place overall now.

The speed, and especially agility, comes up a lot in the officially primary usecase of marauders as of when the ROF bonus was introduced of high end PVE. In many instances, you need to actually position yourself on grid between those 1m bastion cycles and/or burn between gates where an MJD sends you too far. Doesn’t need to be much to buff it’s use in many places other than where there was an issue necessitating a nerf without significant effect effect where those artificially anchored constraints apply.

Tell me why more mass on a marauder causes you headache ?

Its not a big deal to move a marauder fleet in wh sace and for ever other spaces this wa just ignorable…

Maurader were used a lot before they changed anything ! Not that much for PvP but they were PvE kings before aswell ! The 30 sec buff wssnt the reson it was used more then before … it was the 100% more dmg and the fact that you easy can reach 2500+ dps and even more with a tank of ~10k DPS rep or 500k+ EHP with the role bonus to HP modules ! Thats way to strong for a subcap… if the ROF bonus were halfed then it comes to a healthy state and its stilll extreme powerful !

Dame as before any change ! If you dont care about your timer or speed then you failed … nothing special ! Its the same with all other ships in PvE ! If your HAM tengu is 80km off the gate then you failed with your target prioroty and / or with your alignement direction

and it’s something of an epic failure.
sure, few WH groups now include marauders in their mainline pvp doctrines. but who needs marauders when you have Leshaks?
krabbing marauders can now roll off unwanted connections far more easily and with fewer pilots.

Mostly how it effects acceleration with prop mods. Thus my desire for a hair (5-15m/s) more base speed, which doesn’t do anything under bastion which is where you have issue with it.

My comment was on the bastion module itself. Bastion was iffy, but the hulls with their great resists, pirate BS+ damage and good application were used, and the 4 highs were used for utility stuff mostly. The bastion module itself was about 50/50.

Now, as to 10k DPS rep - That’s either super cap limited or a multi XLASB fit taking either all the mids or a crystal pod so you can kill it with neuts or moonwalk away to get to true 10k/s EHP rep. Dual XLASB fit to do 10k sans crystal set is ~2.8b in modules and to do it with is 300m w/ a 2b pod.

500k EHP isn’t that hard to come close to, making only the 2500 DPS a real challenge to match since armor fits are king of EHP games and they end up lacking damage comparatively. On the other hand, we can push some cruisers past half that EHP, with one of the Sac fits I’ve seen running close to 300k with pod, and some other t2 ships equally able to field ridiculously high for class tank, with a full buffer vulture able to exceed 1m EHP and 3k+ EHP passive regen, T2 ships fit for buffer are almost always able to get huge numbers out, but in the case of a marauder, this again comes at significant cost to utility and the lack of ability to hold a person down unless they close to close range, meaning you can choose not to engage them most of the time. Feeding a marauder a fight it can excel at is aggressor error, unless you find a roaming fleet of them set up to spider, in which case, they’re an investment almost on par with capitals and dropping caps on them is justified?

The biggest issue I can see is when they’re running only moderately more tank than absolutely necessary for PVE content and potentially rocking 4k plus DPS.