Bastion Module, Duration Timer Challenge (Need's rejustments)

Greetings from Mads, Denmark, Dear EvEOnline Support.

I am reaching out to you in a request of getting the “Bastion Module” Duration timer lowered! I understand there as been wide, requests to buff the timer, because "hunter-pilots had issues with catching players. Now the issue is, that it’s too easy to catch players, It needs to be balanced!

I would suggest, a timer duration of 45 seconds instead of a minute. It’s a game-breaking point of having to be stuck in a minut, when a “cyno dropper pilot” can logout in the system, and instantly drop on you, in matter of seconds! (with help of spy’s feeding information.) Otherwise, I would suggest a login timer, that makes you unable to use modules of any kind for 1 min at least! "IF YOU LOGED OFF IN OPEN SPACE! "Please take this into a concentration! i wish the best for EVEOnline & the future to come :)… best regards Mads Yde.

Why is every mechanic that CCP has made in the last 10 years not finished yet and leaves much to be desired?

Its because the people who develop the game do not play it what so ever themselves. They are just good friends with the CEO

The job offer for being game designer at CCP which has been taken down now, probably because they found someone who said the right things, didnt have as a requirement to have played or to have any knowledge of the game. It kind of hilarious when you think about it.

edit The job offer is back up. Here is what it takes to be a game designer at CCP. Note it requires 0 knowledge of EVE online


Also love the fact they dont have a lead game designer for a project which someone already gave them millions of dollars for.

In the same breath such pilots will beat their chest over blowing up a T1 hauler. CCP should not bend so easily to their whims, taken to their logical extreme we end up with nonsense like blackout.

Counter proposal. Up the bastion duration to a minute, but all cyno fields now have a 20 second activation delay.

Orca Timmer sucks. inv core.
bastion allways been broken its cuz some one took a triple rep vag to incursions and made 200b.
most of the timers actly need adjustment. clone jump jump fatigue .
carrier timer was off last time i checked.
suspect timers on command bursts is annoying,. you boosted your fleet no dock for you relay its actly a integrated part of the game with multi skills behind it that takes year to train. thanks,. lol Yes you can pay attentions and basical work around this i know it .

Counter proposal. Up the bastion duration to a minute, but all cyno fields now have a 20 second activation delay. 10 sec insta lock would kill this. but you cant relay cnyo any more. lol. low null. So i guess 20 is fine.

It was a minute. Then it was reduced to 30 seconds. People complained it was too fast, it’s put back to a minute. Now folks want 45 seconds.


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