Bastion weapons timer adjustment

I know issues for and against the weapons timer with the bastion module have been raised before so don’t want to get into them again - just a quick suggestion/question as to whether it could be improved:

Simple coding - Now that Bastion is only 30 seconds, if the timer was changed to start at the beginning of the cycle (so you only had 30 seconds left when you come out of siege) would this be enough to stop docking games? Because it would also put an end to having to wait to jump/dock after warping back from a PVE site which is a huge PITA.

Even better if - keep the full minute but it only gives you a weapons timer if you have an active PVP timer?

Given the nature of bastion it seems appropriate that you cannot just turn it off and jump/dock to safety, even in a pve setting.

Like fighting drifters or trigs at said locations. Such is the price of such a powerful mod.

It’s only a relatively minor slow down to your blitzing when you warp to gate after a mission.

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